46Lenovo mobile puzzle once stood on top of the wave was only revived in the slogan|Lenovo mobile puzzle once stood on top of the wave was only revived in the slogan1

Lenovo mobile puzzle: once stood on top of the wave was only revived in the slogan of sina technology Li Gen recently, Lenovo outside the two landmark event, is a global mobile Internet traffic over the Internet for the first time is two PC, BBK OPPO, vivo from the top of the first mobile phone market in Chinese. Lenovo has also occurred in the important events of the interior: replaced the mobile business leader Chen Xudong, turn it in charge of international service business. However, in April this year — 2016 at the start of the new fiscal year, Lenovo, Lenovo Group chairman of the board of directors from Yang Yuanqing, to Lenovo Mobile business group leader Chen Xudong stressed in the mobile business aspects of the determination, said an internal letter is "turnaround", and "nice turnaround". In November 3rd earnings communication meeting, Yang Yuanqing explained the reason: as the substitution of foreign Lenovo is responsible for global services senior vice president Wang Xiaoyan retired, Chen Xudong took over the business needs. This seems to be an out of demand adjustment, but if considering the current situation of Lenovo Mobile, and the group, substitution is confusing, "turnaround" goal is just the past 8 months, mobile business leaders will be removed from the battlefield — it looks more as for the performance of the decision. A year ago, in June 2015, because of the reasons of poor performance, the Lenovo number two man Liu Jun was directly replaced, and subsequently left the Lenovo Group, Yang Yuanqing was also the famous internal letter outflow — you take a hammer to knock all wake up. From the "hammer" event is not difficult to see the mobile business how important and urgent for lenovo. And in November 3rd the adjustment day, Yang Yuanqing mobile business ideas of Chen Xudong to make adjustments, Yang Yuanqing said the future of the mobile phone business will retain only a brand MOTO, and Chen Xudong had the development of ideas is the development of MOTO, ZUK and Lenovo vibe three lines, respectively. The main battlefield of Huanshuai, often is upset. And if the contact 3 years lenovo mobile market changes, it is not difficult to understand why the person in charge of the core decision to kill and suddenly seem so fierce. Lenovo lenovo mobile puzzle may be ups and downs China most mobile phone gene manufacturers, at least compared to HUAWEI, millet, he has complete experience, brand hardware supply chain and market channels, rather than BBK started OPPO, vivo, Lenovo, the beginning is an intelligent device chip as the core of leading enterprises. This natural advantage once help lenovo mobile station on the top of the wave, even by 2013, in the statistical data, lenovo mobile phone business in the China market after Samsung, in the state-owned mobile phone manufacturers is number one in the limelight, and no one can. It is a "good times, China cool together depends on the channel edge operators on the market, Lenovo firmly in control of the market discourse, so that by 2016 people criticized Yang Yuanqing missed the opportunity to move, did not expect the lenovo mobile phone left behind so quickly — even just to find him in the" Statistics "category in order to. Chentoushan)

90Sony financial 19 resumption intends 2 billion 380 million acquisition of the third party payment bu|Sony financial 19 resumption intends 2 billion 380 million acquisition of the third party payment bu0

Sony financial 19 resumption intends 2 billion 380 million acquisition of the third party payment business assets hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you my China Sony financial securities network September 14th evening announcement you a reply the company currently has on the Shanghai Stock Exchange inquiry letter of the issues involved, and the major asset restructuring plan was updated and revised. Applicant company company stock since September 19th opening date for restoration. According to the restructuring plan, Sony finance intends to 21.49 yuan shares issued 84 million 352 thousand shares, and pay 566 million yuan in cash, the total price of 2 billion 379 million yuan acquisition of Haidian science and technology 107 transactions each hold 100% shares and Hartcourt facility; to be not less than 21.49 yuan shares of non-public offering of shares supporting fund-raising not more than 1 billion 500 million yuan, to be used for payment of cash the price of Shandong logistics, financial services platform project, Huarun MIS project, "Hebei village" project. According to reports, issued by the people’s Bank of Chinese Hartcourt facility of the "pay business licence" in 2011, the main business for the third party payment related business, including the traditional POS acquiring and intelligent MPOS acquiring business. Hartcourt facility as a bridge between cardholders and merchants, acquirers, and bank card issuers, professional organizations work together to complete the transaction of funds transfer payment of liquidation, and provide other value-added services to businesses. At the same time, according to the results of commitment from 2016 to 2019, Heiko intermediation net profit of not less than 100 million yuan, 195 million yuan, 270 million yuan and 335 million yuan. Sony said financial company, stripped of the original cement business and assets, a steady transition to rural financial services, integrated financial enterprises with Internet finance as the core. After the acquisition, the company can further improve the industrial layout, in the existing financing guarantees, microfinance, pawn, financial leasing and P2P financial services and other types of financial services on the basis of an increase of third party payment business. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion