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MH17 details of the investigation: beech from Russia through the media and wreckage Malaysia Airlines MH17 Xinhua News Agency reference news network reported on September 30th restoration finishing, Holland procuratorate announced on 28, has found significant relationship between the more than and 100 and Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in July 17, 2014 in eastern Ukraine crash. According to the report of investigation group international, a group of militants on the day morning from Russia to the Russian beech air missile system, after shot down a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft, and in the night to sneak back to Russia missile system. According to the French International Radio website reported on September 29th, on July 17, 2014, Malaysia Airlines MH17 Boeing 777 crashed in eastern Ukraine Pro Russian rebel occupied areas. Holland procuratorate announced 28 international investigation team showed that the aircraft was destroyed by Pro Russian rebels in Ukraine. Destroyed aircraft uses the Russian beech (BUK) 9M38 series of anti-aircraft missiles, missile directly hit the plane. The rebels use beech air missile system even in the morning from Russia to Ukraine rebels occupied areas, 24 hours after the missile system to be shipped back in place. International investigation team from Holland, Malaysia, Ukraine, Australia, Belgium and other more than and 10 countries, the investigation team led by the Holland procuratorate coordination. Evidence from the international mission is based on a large number of live photos, videos, witnesses, correspondence and telephone records. The international investigation team announced the details is very specific, for example, according to rebel phone records, Malaysia Airlines flight crashed on the eve of a rebel, afraid to say, "I don’t know my partner can hold on, if I received in the morning beech air missile system, transported to there is too good, if not. It is terrible." Finally, the rebel leader as the Russian beech air missile system in July 17th by a group known as "the librarian" armed mounted on a Volvo truck in the morning to cross the border from Russia into Ukraine. A phone call at 9:22 on July 17th shows a rebel who said, "it has crossed the border". Missile launch system of large truck rebel controlled village of Snejnoe, after unloading the truck, at 16:20 that afternoon, the missile to air in the town of Pell Volmer lipinski. Then, until late at night, carrying a missile system of large trucks across the Ukrainian Russian border to return to russia. 28, said the Russian government, the results of the international investigation team is disappointed, and condemned the political motives behind the findings. Russia before the results of the international investigation group adverse consequences of Russia, 26, the first step, said the Ukraine government forces to be responsible for Malaysia Airlines flight was shot down. At the same time, the rebels in Ukraine also denied that the plane was shot down. But the International Commission countered that the evidence they collected was irrefutable, except that the telephone recording was evidence of iron. For example, some of the photos showed a white smoke rising, which was where the missile was launched, a field near Per Verma J’s town. Foreign Minister of Ukraine, 28, said the international investigation mission.相关的主题文章:

The independent brand, there is the so-called functional – Sohu car

The independent brand, there is the so-called functional? Auto – Sohu in recent months, China brand seems to have encountered a new round of car city is cold, represented by SUV Chinese brand products in the sales of some products in the overall decline, decline and even a bit too much, but the cold did not come, the downturn in the joint venture brands began to appear in large area sales rose before, even in this modern brand recently had difficulties before the overall sales data are very nice. So the question is, in 2015 2014 – the joint venture brands for some tough car in the winter, Chinese brand with SUV products to the "peaceful rise directly to a high position," but was a joint product captured? In fact, the above extended nonsense majority, a year ago Chinese brand, for those who sell SUV products, regardless of the media or opinions of people, always love to "high price" to describe or praise them, because from the configuration point of view, even if the one hundred thousand yuan in SUV products. The configuration and 18 – 250 thousand joint venture with the level of product, if only from such a point, high configuration Chinese brand and high cost seems to be established, but this is true, then Chinese brand SUV why suddenly the whole industry downturn, be forced stop joint product the price? So, in our opinion, the so-called price, actually to take into account the three dimensions of things, price, configuration, performance, in terms of performance, not only refers to the power system of power and torque, one hundred kilometers acceleration things, including driving comfort, product reliability, product comprehensive preservation rate etc.. The price and configuration do not have to say, low-cost high configuration has been the Chinese brand in the market based on the middle magic weapon. To clarify the basic categories of these three, we can look at the Chinese brand products are really cost-effective? For example, more than once before we use their home products, this time we use a home, brother has a Chinese brand car specific products, not to mention, in order to avoid suspicion of malicious attacks. The car was purchased in early 2015, as of now, a total of more than 12 thousand kilometers, and more than 3 thousand kilometers is the last month ran out of focus. From Car Buying time and mileage, the car is how 9 of the new second-hand car, but the second-hand car dealer’s bid directly cut off, as the automotive industry, I know that the second-hand car dealers in lower prices, but from a rational perspective, even to the new car price higher, at least off 4, in fact, also do not sell on price. The next one and the car in the same price and configuration is no older than the younger brother of Rena, almost shabby, the car ran 1000 kilometers less, now sell at most 10 thousand discount. We use this example and not distinguish between joint venture products and China brand second-hand car which is more hedging problem, problem is that the China brand products in more than a year, has experienced a sudden break, wiper exhaust pipe cover off, door noise, air out air blowing small leaves, transmission R相关的主题文章: