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The Ministry of public security command 25 provinces city public security organs cracked large violations of personal information of citizens   arrested 201 suspects – Jiangxi channel — original title: the Ministry of public security command 25 provinces and city police cracked an extraordinarily serious infringement of citizens’ personal information of the case and arrested 201 suspects on 9 October, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Fan Chunsheng, Zou Wei) reporter 9 learned from the Ministry of public security, the infringement of citizens’ personal information in order to effectively combat criminal activities, after six months of careful investigation, the Ministry of public security recently organized in Liaoning, Sichuan and other 25 provinces and city public security organs to carry out the net action of large violations of citizens personal information case, 201 suspects were arrested, 42 successful eradication of information source that destroyed 9 involving a wide area, involving personnel, types and amount of information, involving a large amount of infringement Citizens’ personal information crime gang. Since November 2015, the Liaoning provincial public security organs in the investigation of violations of citizens’ personal information together with the case, found a large number across the country involved in the trafficking of citizens’ personal information crime clues. The Ministry attaches great importance to immediately set up a task force, deployed around the organization through the line tracking, carry out the investigation, and gradually find out the composition of criminal gang organization and staff. On the basis of careful investigation early on, the Ministry of public security in the near future unified organization Liaoning, Sichuan and other 25 provinces, city, district public security organs to carry out centralized arrests, successfully cracked the case of serious infringement of citizens’ personal information. After preliminary investigation, the case involving the infringement of citizens’ personal information crime gang by information source (query staff), an agent (no industry), consisting of two agents, downstream distributors and customers at multiple levels, the gang is independent the formation of the assembly line, and cross each other, forming close ties to the crime group information source is relatively independent, but also for a number of information brokering agents to provide information, agents through the establishment of WeChat group, QQ group trading information. For example, the suspect Zhang Mou through micro letter from Jiangxi city of Ganzhou province Xu Moumou and a bank employee in Shanghai City Information Services Limited staff Chen et al purchased bank accounts, more than 1 mobile phone positioning information, increase reselling, illegal profits more than 10 yuan. Personal information of citizens involved in the case of various kinds, involving bank information, civil aviation information, online information, express information of more than 10 kinds of personal information derived from telecommunications network fraud and other crimes, blackmail and impose exactions on downstream, very serious harm. The personal information of the seized comparison, we found that there are 19 people holding machine had suffered telecommunications network fraud, involving 8 million 700 thousand yuan. Again, Xia Moumou suspects from September 2015 to May 2016 period, repeatedly from infringement of citizens’ personal information crime cartels illegal access to information of citizens, for illegal debt collection and other illegal and criminal activities, a profit of 120 thousand yuan. Han Moumou suspects in 2015 to set up a "business research company, buy a lot of personal information of citizens from criminal gangs for the implementation of the" illegal and criminal activities, the affair for forensics ". The Ministry of public security official said that in recent years, the infringement of citizens’ personal information crime continued high incidence, induced a lot) 公安部指挥25省区市公安机关破获特大侵犯公民个人信息案 抓获嫌疑人201名–江西频道–人民网 原标题:公安部指挥25省区市公安机关破获特大侵犯公民个人信息案 抓获嫌疑人201名 新华社北京10月9日电(记者范春生、邹伟)记者9日从公安部获悉,为有效打击侵犯公民个人信息犯罪活动,经半年多的缜密侦查,公安部近期组织辽宁、四川等25个省区市公安机关对一起特大侵犯公民个人信息案开展集中收网行动,共抓获犯罪嫌疑人201名,成功铲除42个信息泄露源头,摧毁了9个涉案地域广、涉案人员多、信息数量、种类及涉案金额大的侵犯公民个人信息犯罪团伙。 2015年11月以来,辽宁省公安机关在侦办一起侵犯公民个人信息案件中,发现了大量涉及全国各地的贩卖公民个人信息犯罪的线索。公安部对此高度重视,立即成立专案组,组织部署各地循线追踪,深入开展侦查工作,并逐渐摸清了犯罪团伙的组织架构和人员组成。在前期缜密侦查的基础上,公安部于近期统一组织辽宁、四川等25个省、区、市公安机关开展了集中抓捕行动,成功侦破该特大侵犯公民个人信息案。 经初步查明,涉及该案的侵犯公民个人信息犯罪团伙均由信息泄露源头(查询员)、一级代理商(均无业)、二级代理商、下游代理商和客户多个层级组成,各团伙既独立形成上下线,又相互交叉,形成联系密切的犯罪集团,信息泄露源头相对独立,但同时为多个信息贩卖代理商提供信息,代理商通过建立微信群、QQ群买卖信息。例如,犯罪嫌疑人张某某等人通过微信从江西省赣州市某银行员工徐某某及上海市某信息服务有限公司员工陈某等人手中购买银行账户、手机定位等信息1万余条,加价倒卖,非法获利10万余元。 该案涉及的公民个人信息种类繁多,涉及银行信息、民航信息、上网信息、快递信息等10余种个人信息,衍生电信网络诈骗、敲诈勒索等多种下游犯罪,危害十分严重。经对上述查获的公民个人信息进行比对,发现有19名持机人曾遭受电信网络诈骗,涉案金额870万元。再如,犯罪嫌疑人夏某某于2015年9月至2016年5月期间,多次从某侵犯公民个人信息犯罪团伙手中非法获取公民信息,用于非法追讨债务等违法犯罪活动,获利12万元。犯罪嫌疑人韩某某于2015年成立“商务调查公司”,从犯罪团伙购买大量公民个人信息,用于实施“找人、婚外情取证”等违法犯罪活动。 公安部有关负责人表示,近年来,侵犯公民个人信息犯罪持续多发高发,诱发大量电信网络诈骗、敲诈勒索等下游犯罪,严重侵害群众利益,严重影响群众安全感,广大群众对此反响十分强烈。公安部对此高度重视,将持续保持对此类犯罪的严打高压态势,全链条打击涉案的违法犯罪人员,最大限度遏制侵犯公民个人信息犯罪活动,不断提高群众安全感,坚决保障群众合法权益。 (责编:邱烨、毛思远)相关的主题文章:

Red war highlights mobile financial hot market looking forward to quality and efficiency – Sohu news 高达08ms小队

The "red war" highlights mobile financial markets expect the quality and efficiency of heat – Sohu news Xinhua news agency in Beijing on February 12th News Title: "red war" highlights mobile financial markets expect the heat quality and efficiency of the Xinhua News Agency reporters Ren Feng from last year WeChat shake this year Alipay "poofing red, grab Red Spring Festival once again become a hot word. The year 2016 the number of participants, the Alipay WeChat red envelopes interactions were greatly exceeded the same period last year. Mobile finance, represented by mobile payment, has penetrated into people’s life more and more deeply. Mobile finance is a solution that uses mobile intelligent terminals (including smart phones, tablet PCs, etc.) to deal with financial services. Bank rate network monitoring data show that in all types of financial business, six businesses tend to use mobile terminals and other electronic channels, including account inquiry, payment, recharge payment, remittance, payment and other financial products to buy. In electronic channels, mobile banking and WeChat banking usage based on mobile terminals have been rising in recent years. In 2015, the utilization rate of mobile banking increased by about 10% compared with that of two years ago, and the utilization rate of WeChat banking increased by about 21% compared with that two years ago. A number of data show that mobile finance is in full swing. The rate of the financial research center of financial analyst Li Xianrui believes two factors contributed to this trend: one is the popularity of intelligent terminals; two is 90 consumption gradually become the main force, the life is more dependent on the intelligent mobile phone, most of the financial behavior and daily information demand by hand machine. Looking forward to the future, mobile finance is expected to continue to maintain a high speed development trend. The State Council issued the day before "to promote the development of inclusive financial planning (20162020 years)", which promote mobile financial engineering is one of the important content of planning. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the CBRC said, to promote the security chip based mobile banking, mobile credit and other mobile financial applications and online banking, enhance the amount of mobile financial transactions. At present, the Internet companies, all kinds of financial institutions are actively involved in mobile financial tide. The scale of mobile financial users is expanding, and the financial needs of users will become more and more diverse, differentiated and personalized. In this situation, mobile financial service providers must pay enough attention to the changes in user demand, while expanding the scale, while focusing on quality and efficiency. The investigation found that the rate of net, users in the use of mobile banking and other electronic channels, the core demands are two, one is safe, two is convenient. Mobile financial service providers should keep pace with the times, more close to the needs of users, improve service efficiency and security. (source: Xinhua News Agency)

“红包大战”凸显移动金融热 市场期待提质增效-搜狐新闻  新华社北京2月12日专电 题:“红包大战”凸显移动金融热 市场期待提质增效  新华社记者任峰  从去年微信“摇一摇”到今年支付宝“咻红包”,“抢红包”再度成为春节热词。2016年除夕微信红包参与人数、支付宝红包互动次数均大幅超越去年同期。以移动支付为代表的移动金融越来越深地渗透到百姓生活中。  移动金融是使用移动智能终端(包括智能手机、平板电脑等)来处理金融业务的解决方案。银率网监测数据显示,在各类金融业务中,六类业务更倾向于使用移动终端等电子渠道,包括账户查询、购物支付、充值缴费、转账汇款、还款、购买理财产品等。在电子渠道中,基于移动端的手机银行和微信银行使用率近年来不断上升。2015年手机银行使用率比两年前上升了约10%,微信银行使用率比两年前上升了约21%。  多项数据表明,移动金融正在全面崛起。银率金融研究中心理财分析师李先瑞认为两方面因素促成了这种趋势:一是智能终端的普及;二是90后逐步成为消费主力军,其生活更加依赖智能手机,大部分金融行为和日常信息需求都通过手机完成。  展望未来,移动金融有望继续保持高速发展态势。国务院日前印发了《推进普惠金融发展规划(2016-2020年)》,其中,推动移动金融工程是规划的重要内容之一。对此,银监会有关负责人表示,要推广基于安全芯片的手机银行、手机信贷等移动金融应用及网上银行,提升移动金融交易量。  目前,互联网企业、各类金融机构都积极投身移动金融大潮。移动金融用户规模不断扩张,用户金融需求将越来越多样化、差异化、个性化。在这种形势下,移动金融服务提供商必须对用户需求变化引起足够重视,在规模扩张的同时,注重提质增效。  银率网调查发现,用户在使用移动金融等电子渠道时,最核心的诉求有两项,一是安全,二是便捷。移动金融服务商应与时俱进,更加贴近用户需求、提高服务效率和安全性。 (来源:新华社)相关的主题文章: