360n4s Xiaolong version of the price was 1299 yuan – Sohu sell teammate Digital zhuxianduowan

360N4S Xiaolong version of the price was 1299 yuan – Sohu sell teammate: digital mobile phone China [news] 26 PM, 360N4S snapdragon version will be officially released. After several rounds of exposure, we have a basic understanding of the mobile phone, in addition to inherit some of the advantages of 360N4S in appearance and so on, Xiaolong 625 processor will also be one of the biggest surprise. Now, the most curious is the price. Fortunately, people have their own true feelings, everywhere are good teammates. Thanks to the Jingdong, we advance that, Xiaolong Xiaolong N4S version of the appearance is not what changes, is still a full metal body, the price may be 1299 yuan. Contrast, starting price is only 100 yuan more expensive than 360N4S. Although the price is just one thousand yuan only, but the 360N4S version Xiaolong but very violent. According to the previous broke the news, 360N4S Xiaolong version will use 1080P Full HD screen, 8 million front +1600 megapixel rear camera, equipped with 4GB +64GB memory storage space, built-in 5000mAh battery, support the fast charge, running Android’s 6.0.1 operating system, is really bad!相关的主题文章: