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Food-and-Drink It is a shame that many people who want to lose weight neglect to use strength training exercise as part of their fitness plan because they think it will make them get heavier or cause them to gain weight. This type of exercise tends to be overlooked as people do not understand about it and do not think it will take the weight off. This is a fallacy that leads its believers to poor health and a body that may become slimmer but cannot possibly become lean, shapely and healthier. Here are four reasons you need strength training exercise to get and stay in good shape: 1) Muscle burns fat – The more lean muscle tissue you have on your body, the less fat you will have. The reason for this is that fat is actually burned in muscle tissue. The best way to shape up is to increase your metabolism (your body’s engine) and the only way to do this is to build and maintain your muscle tissue. Studies have shown people who strength train have a lower body fat percentage than those who do ‘cardio’ exercise alone. 2) Muscle builds strength – When you build and maintain your muscle strength your entire body becomes stronger including all of the body’s systems. Having strong muscles means you can breeze through your daily tasks and activities and have enough energy left over to participate in fun and enjoyable leisure activities. 3) Muscle re-shapes the body- If you do not work your muscles through their ranges of movement under a load they will remain soft and flabby no matter how much weight you lose. When you tone your muscles your entire body becomes tighter, firmer, and shapelier. You can only improve body shape through building and toning muscle tissue to get rid of the jiggly bits. You cannot ever get this from ‘cardio’ type activity like walking, jogging or cycling. In fact this type of activity will increase your appetite which makes it hard to lose any weight when you are fighting intense food cravings. 4) Muscle fights disease – The highest number of people who get osteoporosis in later years are ones of slim build and not enough muscle tissue. The best way to fight this debilitating bone loss is to do strength training exercise which increase bone density. Muscle also has been shown in major studies to fight the onset of diabetes, build the heart muscle to fight heart disease, and even help those who suffer from arthritis. Having strong muscles also develops immunity, which helps fight every disease. This is because muscle supplies the immune system with the disease-fighting amino acid glutamine, and the more muscle tissue you have, the more glutamine is supplied to the immune system. Get yourself started on a strength training program and rejuvenate your whole body along with burning more body fat increasing your energy levels and fight the aging process. Get some help from a fitness professional so you not only do the exercises correctly but use the right intensity (degree of effort) so you get the most ‘bang for your buck’. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: