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Home-Improvement Are you a hoarder? Most of us have a little trouble throwing away things, and many people (myself included) have noticed the universal axiom that ensures that anything anyone finally throws out – no matter how long it has been there, no matter how insignificant or worthless the item may seem at the time of discarding – will be sorely needed the day after it was disposed of, almost without fail. This happens to even the mild hoarder, but there are those for which hoarding can become an obsession – in fact, extreme hoarding practices are a sign of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCB), and if your old newspaper stash goes back more than 20 years, and the thought of discarding even one issue fills you with a nameless dread, it might be time to seek help! For the rest of us mild hoarders, it is often a case of weighing the virtues of keeping your collection of mouldy National Geographic issues from 1970 on, against matrimonial harmony and mice infestation issues. Sometimes it just takes a courageous burst of ruthlessness and self-denial to set things right in your garage and your marriage. It can feel good, in a bitter-sweet sort of way, to say a fond good-bye to all those thumbed through annals of Arctic adventures and photos of fetching native girls. The mice will hate you but the missus will likely lavish you with a bit of praise and a Yorkshire pudding, at the very least, for your brave and decisive actions. The worst nightmare a true hoarder can face is having to move to a new location. This is the time when the hoarder is faced with the harsh reality of either moving tons of useless crap or admitting that his or her hoarding practices are bordering around the edges of complete nuttery and must be curtailed forthwith. He or she may realize that end of tenancy cleaning services are called for, and that their services are much cheaper than psychiatric care. Luckily, with all the end of tenancy cleaning London services has at ones beck and call, the borderline chronic hoarder can undertake the move while making the necessary culling easier and quicker, not to mention making the pain of loss infinitely more bearable. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: