5988 yuan Samsung note 7 China officially on sale not recall queer as folk

5988 yuan Samsung Note 7 China officially on sale: do not recall the annual blockbuster flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recently suffered a series of two battery explosion, forcing Samsung had to postpone delivery, more testing, and the recall of 400 thousand products have been sold in South korea. But Samsung said the state line version of Note 7 did not use the battery supplier, therefore is not affected, in late September 1st 23 officially on sale, 64GB open edition price 5988 yuan. 5988 yuan Samsung Note 7 China officially on sale at present, Samsung China, Jingdong official website mall, Tmall’s flagship store, Gome online, and suning.com stores have started selling Note 7, and basically enclosed luxury package, including a variety of gifts, services, insurance, cash back, integral, interest free installment and so on. But the first wave still needs to buy. Samsung’s official website has been directly out of stock, most of the third party providers can buy directly, but only light platinum gold version, black diamond and coral blue completely out of stock. Pre booking will be shipped in accordance with the order sequence. Another source said that Samsung will soon recall an official statement issued.相关的主题文章: