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The Yangtze River strategy: factors to break the deadlock may come from overseas Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money source: Chen Guo Abstract: Yangtze River strategy report in view of the market focus on the American presidential debates and OPEC meetings this week, the Fed kept interest rates unchanged as expected, the probability of will start raising interest rates at the end of the year, as we mentioned last week weekly in the short term, with the FOMC meeting the boot floor, the market for the global monetary policy concerns will be phased ease, this week the market rose slightly, but the market activity is still low. In the medium term, the market can not see the conditions of the current system (a significant increase in earnings growth or a significant increase in interest rates), we still maintain the market to determine the pattern of shocks. To break the deadlock sideways market factors may come from the risk preference, in addition to domestic policy is expected to change, we need to enhance overseas attention. The correlation between A stock market and Hong Kong stocks, stocks are increasing, if the bull market stocks trend changes appear on the A shares risk appetite will affect the short-term focus of US presidential debate polls after the change, OPEC production freeze resolution. Consider to promote Hong Kong stocks upstream logic (some investors expected devaluation and overseas asset allocation, the total amount of funds to improve the demand to cancel the south is expected, A-H premium still exists, the bull market stocks trend did not end) has not been destroyed, we still continue to be optimistic about Hong Kong stocks, funds continue to focus on the identity the two institutions in the industry, but the valuation of stocks significant attraction: Hisense Kelon, Goldwind, Xinhua Pharmaceutical, CIMC, ZTE etc.. Structure and configuration: short term focus on steel, cement industry sector configuration: continue to be a high dividend as a base configuration. We believe that interest rates low and mid asset allocation shortage environment and change, after the pre adjustment, part of the company’s dividend rate once again returned to the previous level, still have a certain appeal for insurance and other long-term investors. Our industry is still based on the allocation of banking, insurance, real estate, utilities, retail, automotive, home appliances. In the short term, we use steel and cement as a transactional configuration. Theme configuration: in the medium and long term, we still adhere to the previous point of view, recommended concern PPP, SOE reform (Shanghai, Guangdong, Shandong state-owned enterprises), the supply side of the three major policy reforms. PPP: pay close attention to the introduction of the third batch of demonstration projects of the Ministry of finance. At present, the building of environmental protection is still the most key areas in PPP, and the importance of PPP mode for rail (construction etc.), wisdom city (ehualu etc.), distribution network (Beijing CREE) to bring new changes. Review and Prospect of the market this week a week, million A rose 1.46%, Shanghai Composite Index rose 1.03%, the gem index rose 0.56%. The industry top five for leisure services, building materials, decoration, real estate, commerce and trade, the performance index of the top five for the concept of intelligent logistics, garden decoration, placards, the Yangtze River economic belt, venture capital. This week, the Fed is expected to maintain相关的主题文章: