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Nani, even Google have encountered problems! Don’t panic, the Chinese Academy of Sciences packet teacher trick – Sohu science teacher Bao Yungang, director of CCF CNCC, 2016 special guest of the general assembly, in 2003 by the Nanjing University Bachelor of Science in 2008, received a doctorate in Chinese Academy of Sciences, postdoctoral 2010-2012 computer Department of Princeton University, is now a researcher at the Institute of computing, Dr. tutor, deputy director of research center of advanced computer system. The main research direction is the computer system structure. Bao teacher in the International Conference on computer systems conference published more than 10 papers, has been awarded the first prize for outstanding papers two times, won the 2013 CCF-Intel young scholar award. At the same time as the director of the CCF Popularization Committee, "China communications of the ACM" editorial board. Current cloud computing is facing a world-class problem: the contradiction between resource utilization and user experience. So the question is, whether you can have, the answer does not seem so simple, even Google, Baidu, Ali such technology giants are also for headache. We have the opportunity to interview CCF, director of the Institute of computing researcher Bao Yungang teacher, the teacher package at the 2016 CNCC conference report: cloud computing and label label Von Neumann Von Neumann architecture, architecture proposed in (LvNA) will hopefully solve this problem, become a new breakthrough in the field of computer science. 1 improve the user experience in this issue, the industry many people attach importance to obtaining and using high quality big data, but many mentions problems encountered in the current cloud computing, is the lack of awareness or deliberately avoided, or as an phenomenon of big data? Package teacher: in fact, the hero behind the cloud computing data center (data center). The data center is often interpreted as a place to store data in China, which is a mistake in the data center. In the world, the data center is a super computer, such as Google Data Center for "Datacenter as a computer", the final purpose is to users or developers like to use a computer as a convenient use of data center. To do this, need to be very much behind in Google technology, which together have spent 10 years working in this direction, the purpose is to make use of the data center becomes more convenient, lower running cost. Therefore, we can not simply look at the data center as a place to store large data. In Intel’s view, the future will enter the data center era, more specifically, the future will show two models, calculating part of networking in the mobile phone or the mobile terminal end, another part will be placed at the rear of the data center. In the data center will run a variety of applications, such as cloud computing can be run in the data center, big data analysis, high-performance computing, such as HPC, a variety of network functions such as NFV. In the future, the data center will become one of the most basic infrastructure, a lot of back-end applications can be achieved in the data center. Now, everybody!相关的主题文章: