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Knowing that mountain kettle, toward the "Busan line" – "Busan tourism Sohu recently," this movie can be said to occupy the hot search list, the Baltic monarch by various circle of friends, it successfully push Amway (no spoilers), have to say, this film is worthy of a large South Korean native fourteenth Department of ten million level, successfully broke the highest grossing Korean film in Taiwan 13 years of record. Compared to the zombie film, the Baltic Jun think this movie is more like a "terrorist" coat, the dark side of human nature about. In times of crisis, whether it is their own escape, or save more people. This is also the theme of the movie to make the audience think. South Korean film has been good at digging according to the dark side of human nature, not deliberately create group corpse massacre scenes, but the story happened in a closed train — a column driving space on. The main character in the film is trapped in this column can not stop but I do not know where the end point in the high-speed rail station on the outside of the zombie army to kill, in the humanity evil plot is dangerous, it will show the most incisive conflict movie, like the movie expression that terrible is not dead, but the hearts of. Said that the content of the movie, in reality, Busan is also a popular tourist destination, seeing the eleven holiday approaching, may wish to call on the family and friends, go to Korea, do on the KTX train, experience a holiday in Busan". Gan Chuan Dong culture art village: known as the "Busan of Santorini", the small village of colorful hillside. Once the dilapidated slums, later in Busan to promote the "Hutong art project", become a famous cultural attractions. The aquatic products market: Zagreb Zagreb market is Korea’s largest fish and shellfish special market here every day to supply all kinds of fresh seafood. After a good selection of the first floor, the two floor can now do eat. Busan as a representative of the tourist attractions, is to travel to Busan, foreign tourists can not miss one of the tourist routes. Nanpu Cave: Busan was once the capital of Korea, and the Nanpu cave was the center of Busan. Since then, a variety of cultural integration, creating a cultural diversity. Nanpu cave is now the commercial center of Busan, shops, shopping is a good place for leisure. Lotte Department Store: Lotte Department Store is a comprehensive shopping center, is the center of B1 layer can watch the fountain show, next to a large supermarket Lotte. In addition to all kinds of brand clothing, cosmetics shop, as well as restaurants and cafes. The 11 floor has a lookout, and Angelinus outdoor cafes, is a good place to enjoy the night view. Haeundae Beach: South Korea is the first Haeundae beach, is richly endowed by nature natural landscape around, thus became the focus of attention. At the same time, it’s also one of South Korea’s eight, clear water. Huangling mountain night: Huangling mountain to Busan’s night watch and night walking mountain is famous downtown various building flashing lights to the sea Guang’an bridge lighting more icing on the cake. Located in the hillside overlooking the observatory?, can glance Haeundae and Busan city and the surrounding waters. "相关的主题文章: