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Buy whatever you want! In 2016 just listed in the domestic SUV, several of the most fire – Sohu automobile independent brand car total only a short while ago, give us a feeling of turn iron into steel, outdated design, materials, poor workmanship, inferior small problems, let many people flinch to support their own brands of friends, but this situation with SUV hot gradually there is a qualitative change, Tiggo series, Harvard series, trumpchi series, Changan series has accumulated a good reputation, sales volume is also rising. And this year, a big wave of new SUV is to let people long face more and more fashionable design, quality materials, exquisite workmanship, making them a listing into the hot state, monthly sales over million is a matter of minutes, and the price is from low to high, if you are consider buying a SUV, then a new independent SUV good reputation is the good choice. Comment: Changan SUV family brick uncle’s younger brother, less than 60 thousand of the minimum price is very affordable, while the automatic also does not exceed 80 thousand, plus more and better workmanship and quality, in the small SUV market competition also opened a day. Comment: Brick TERT Beiqi Saab after the launch of the car are not very successful, the first SUV X65 also suffered in Waterloo, but hard work pays off, X35 listed in May this year the market performance is quite good, personalized design, large space with low price to make it become the family’s first month of sales over a million cars. In addition X25 cheaper is also good. Brick uncle comment: Changan CX70 biggest selling point is that 7 big space utility, appearance is also very masculine, but the price is quite small and SUV, despite the comfort and power, but also to meet the needs of ordinary families. Comment: the scenery brick TERT listed at the beginning of 580 was not equipped with ESP was Tucao, but manufacturers also make up for this slot, two with models increased by ESP (the remaining models except the lowest with optional), so this 7 medium-sized SUV considerably, and it is also to do vehicle warranty 7 years or 150 thousand kilometers, power, work is also is the main level, price is quite good. Comments: Imperial GS brick TERT though not before two models that have 7 options, but the wheelbase is 2.7 meters, is also among the best models at the same price, natural space is very spacious, but it is the most attractive at the beginning or workmanship and materials leading level, shape at the same time also has the individuality, rich configuration, is a boutique independent SUV is a good quality. Comment: Brick tert Tiggo 7 in September 20th before listing, listing 10 days to more than 5000 vehicles performance, order is a breakthrough in the 14 thousand, very popular, as the most high-end tiger, which work has reached world class level in the design, and the configuration is also quite good, the price is not to lose the popular Geely bullyear with Roewe RX5. Comment: Geely bullyear uncle brick is probably the most talked about this year’s independent SUV, the hot market demand in stark contrast with the constrained capacity, the order had discharged to the next year, as long as it has been in short supply, tried all thumbs up, now the new plant has also been put into production, car.相关的主题文章: