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America’s second largest wireless operators to use UAV test signal strength Recode Chinese station reported on October 14th the United States, the world’s second largest wireless operator AT& T recruitment of thousands of skilled workers regularly maintenance and inspection infrastructure. Now, a new tool, the UAV, is added to the library of these skilled workers, which can greatly improve their work efficiency. October is the first month of AT& T’s new UAV project put into operation. Field skilled workers can now use unmanned machines to assist in the operation, such as checking the signal tower to see if there are any endangered birds nest on the signal tower. If there is no UAV, this problem usually requires scientists to participate in, and may take a week time to complete or check whether the nest; infrastructure damage. AT& T did not use their own drones, but hired local manufacturers around the country to use unmanned aerial vehicles to complete each work. AT& T from the beginning of this summer to test uav. Last week, AT& (T) in the Dallas Mavericks stadium flying over an unmanned aerial vehicle, unmanned aerial vehicles to find a weak area and the blind area of the mobile phone network. Americans will see more drones being used for commercial purposes. Until the end of last year, the United States to finalize the UAV related regulations. The application scope of UAV is more and more wide, and it has already appeared in various outdoor activities. AT& T finally said it intends to use the UAV technology is equipped with artificial intelligence technology to assess the scene of the problem. But now, it’s illegal to fly a drone in the wild. (compiled by Lin Jingdong) [U.S. Recode works related to the rights of Chinese owned by Tencent Inc exclusive. Without authorization, shall not be reproduced excerpts, etc.. ]相关的主题文章: