Rural electricity supplier is not only electricity supplier, but also the rural Internet business ec jcuv是什么车

The rural electricity supplier is not only electricity supplier, is the rural Internet Business Ecosystem Reconstruction Technology for the majority of Sohu first-tier cities in the work of the people, the electricity supplier means at 11 in the morning afternoon orders, can nest in the office waiting for the sign. But for many of the rural Midwest, electricity providers showed a high degree of complexity. These days go to a mountainous county in the west, witnessed the logistics, payment, electricity providers and other aspects of the concept of obstacles encountered here. A variety of situations really make people feel, rural electricity supplier is not only simply connected to the Internet, repair the road will be able to solve the problem. Even after the Internet, repair the road, behind the competition and competition is really just beginning. In these days when it comes to coincide with ALI, Taobao not only to rural shopping and sellers, have access to electricity, finance, health care, education and entertainment to all resources. In fact, it is that the opportunity for rural electricity providers actually lies in the settlement of the entire service system. Rural electricity supplier is actually the degree of penetration of the rural areas and the degree of shaping the rural business ecology. The rural electricity supplier closed and electricity in the rural mud island color is actually facing a great extent is a closed and Mud Island, it is difficult for you to use the logic of the city to think about the market. This is determined by various factors. The first is the concept of the level, although the electricity supplier in rural areas are popular, but everywhere and the city completely different look. For example, a high proportion of cash on delivery, some Midwest County cash on delivery ratio even reached more than 50%, cash on delivery is the reason for the electricity supplier products and online payment is not trust, so some users are often also single pieces of products, after the site inspection to return dissatisfied. This series of problems to a large extent will bring the burden of logistics, especially in rural areas, the distribution of orders and the vast area of the situation, the efficiency of logistics will become a big problem. Here, whether it is logistics, payment is far from the first tier cities as smooth. A few years ago, the major electricity supplier platform especially the proprietary platform, want to solve the main problems of rural logistics last mile, but the end of logistics to solve the problem of the problem is far from the rural electricity supplier, which means the beginning of. Many of the proprietary platform, especially in the rural areas is backward rural areas will become bogged down, because this is a very inefficient market, unable to copy with the kind of business logic in the city. In fact, in the rural electricity market, which is a vast expanse of water a "people’s war", want to rely on an army of elite troops to solve the logistics, payment and a series of problems here, it will fall into the plight of the high cost and low benefit. Rural electricity supplier problem, just can not rely on external forces to solve, only rely on internal factors to gradually resolve, is the most effective way. But the rural electricity supplier problems, the essence, it is the county and rural society and the Internet still exist barriers. This problem can not rely on business means to solve, because the electricity supplier to solve the problem of electricity supplier problems, which is always a logical circle, whether it is to see the various links in the payment and logistics, there are a series of contradictions, will bring the other.相关的主题文章: