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Beijing to permit the cost of a substantial decline in Beijing about half net foreign brand car – car Sohu before the number of users complained to the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, net about car platform on the car license field growing proportion of foreign license car drivers in the field and a lot of inconvenience, reduces the user experience. At the same time, the overall number of cars around the network has decreased, the car is more difficult to call, waiting for an average of about 10 minutes. Many network about the car driver said, Beijing permits for cost reduction is their choice of driving car brand. User: at least half of the network about the car is a foreign license network about car users reflect the recent ride in Beijing about half of the network is a car in the field. Most of them are from Hebei, Hebei brand car, in addition, there are from Shandong Lu brand and from Shanxi Jin card. Many passengers said they hit the field car is more from Langfang Ji R, Ji Ji from K, Baoding, Hebei Province from F and other places of the vehicle. At the same time, these outside the license network about the driver of the car is also a foreigner. "General will display the license plate number on the platform called the car, see nine out of ten is a foreign license, but no way, passengers can choose. It is strange that in the past few months, the brand seems to be more than a few cars. To tell the truth, last year, the car is called the Beijing brand." A passenger said that the vehicle license is probably a sudden increase in the field from the beginning of August. Driver: buy a new car to Beijing from Baoding a car driver said his car is currently in Beijing full-time. "I rented a house in Beijing, specialized in driving here. From a lot of people to open car in Beijing, some people in Beijing to rent a car, I was to start a car. Now many car rental is not dry, or simply buy a car." There is a driver from Tianjin said, "my son and I were in Tianjin to give leadership to drive, then a friend said Beijing car twenty thousand or thirty thousand a month, my son and I specifically bought a new car, car to Beijing. Tianjin license is not good, on the Hebei license." But he said he is now a little regret, because the subsidy is less and less, "came in late, now a month in addition to mixed will earn two thousand or three thousand, back to the company the son has to drive, I still support this." Question: foreign brand car "detour" let the passengers uncomfortable brand vehicles compared to Beijing card vehicles have more stringent restrictions. In Beijing, foreign brand car Beijing must handle the Beijing card, updated weekly, and in addition to the Beijing vehicle in accordance with the implementation of the tail number limit line, must comply with the provisions of the corresponding limit line. Therefore, the outside of the car license in Beijing is greatly restricted. A foreign driver said, morning and evening peak is the largest amount of a single, most of the subsidy period, the office workers are generally car, basically in the rings. We can not enter the ring during the peak period, a great impact on business." At the same time, the provisions near the main road and along the Chang’an Avenue limit line though there are many alternatives, but one of the owners said, "we in Beijing are basically in accordance with the navigation, navigation often we mean to go above, at the intersection that can’t walk around again, a lot of trouble." In this regard, passengers complain more, they can not go there can not go相关的主题文章: