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Liaoning Dalian cracked a large portion of the governor of inter provincial armed drug trafficking case arrested 33 suspects – Beijing Beijing in August 29 Dalian Xinhua (reporter Yang Yi) Dalian Municipal Public Security Bureau of Liaoning province 29 disclosed that the city police after six months of careful investigation, after 2 Chinese 5, successfully cracked the "2016-279" of supervision of drugs the goal of the case, destroyed a large inter provincial armed drug gangs, criminal suspects arrested 33 people and seized 3 kilograms of methamphetamine, 10 imitation guns. In February 2016, the police found in the work, the suspect Lee behind a large drug gangs, investigators immediately start work, after preliminary investigation was informed that the many gang members, hold a gun hidden in and around Dalian City, drugs mainly from Guangdong ruanmou and Pengmou, and drug trafficking, trading means hidden, and a huge number of transactions. In view of the case material, submitted to the Ministry of public security ministry and approved as "2016-279", the goal of the case, the police quickly dispatched elite police task force set up, the armed drug gangs to file for investigation, and gradually find out the gang members of the structure, activity patterns and the facts of the crime. Subsequently, the group decided to adopt a "partial net, step by step to arrest the drug gangs. The ad hoc group in a month’s time, has in Dalian Jinzhou Development Zone, Ganjingzi, Zhuanghe and other places, the gang members Chen Song, more than 20 drug traffickers successfully captured and seized more than 300 grams of methamphetamine. In July 25th, the task force successfully in Dalian Development Zone, a rental will be positive for drug dealing Wang, Zhao and other 4 people arrested, and seized 2.65 kilograms of methamphetamine, 10 guns. The Dalian gang members in the region of all justice, the task force rushed to Guangdong on line ruanmou and Pengmou arrest. August 11th, with the assistance of the police in Guangdong, Zhanjiang, investigators will suspect Pengmou, Ruan successfully captured. So far, the Ministry of Christ "2016-279" target case successfully solved the case. Ruan, Peng, Chen and other 16 people on suspicion of drug trafficking was under criminal detention, and the remaining 17 people were detained because of drug administration. Currently, the case is under further investigation. (end)相关的主题文章: