Media cheat death college students can get a number of years after the fraud 瀬名アスカ

Media: "cheat death" college students can get a number of years after the fraud? Original title: cheat dead college students fraud, caught in the future can be sentenced to many years? Author Yang Fan | Shandong prospective college students reported died of cardiac arrest Xu Yuyu cheated 9900 yuan tuition after two days of continuous fermentation, which also triggered a discussion on Telecom real name system vulnerability, personal information disclosure, lack of personal information security protection and a series of. The good news is that the government knew (WeChat ID:upolitics) learned that Xu Yuyu’s fraud section 171 number of real name registration in the card, the number of Beijing companies have much special access to the background check card information, call records and other information preservation and notify the public security organ. That is to say, this case has been breaking the previous public opinion is most worried about the "171 virtual number section did not completely cover the real name registration and cannot be traced to the people" is facing the bottleneck, it is possible to find the direction of the development of telecommunications fraud crime. If the police finally found the telecommunications fraud, but also mastered the conclusive evidence can be brought to justice, then, this cheat death Xu Yuyu fraud can be sentenced to the maximum number of years? The highest fraud or fraud sentenced to life to life for life, it is certainly not possible. The government knows (WeChat ID:upolitics) through the criminal law to the crime of fraud sentencing is divided into three levels: the larger the amount of three years imprisonment, criminal detention or control, and / or be fined; if the amount is huge or other serious circumstances, three to ten years imprisonment and fined; if the amount is especially huge or other especially serious circumstances, ten years imprisonment or life imprisonment, a fine or confiscation of property. How to distinguish between the larger, huge and particularly huge? According to the supreme law of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, on the handling of criminal cases of fraud of judicial interpretation, to defraud public and private property worth three thousand yuan to ten thousand yuan, thirty thousand yuan to one hundred thousand yuan, five hundred thousand yuan, shall be separately identified as article 266th of the criminal law of "large amount", "huge amount", "huge amount". In accordance with the provisions of Xu Yuyu case 9900 yuan value corresponding to the crime of fraud of the lightest sentencing standard, which is three years imprisonment, criminal detention or control, or impose a fine gold". However, the judicial interpretation of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate special mention: "the supreme law, public and private property fraud, causing the victim Dutch act of insanity or other serious consequences, can be in accordance with the provisions of article 266th of the criminal law to severely punish." Xu Yuyu suffered fraud and sudden death, is in line with other serious consequences mentioned in the judicial interpretation "". So, although the amount of fraud is not high, but the discretion of the prosecution may be as appropriate discretion, at least to achieve more than three years of fixed-term imprisonment of the sentencing criteria of ten years. If the judge finds that the plot belongs to "other serious circumstances", the fraud may face the maximum penalty of life imprisonment. Illegal access to personal information of citizens or sentenced to seven years of fraud is not the only crime involved in the case of Xu Yuyu. I believe we have noticed that the implementation of telecommunications fraud in Xu Yuyu’s body can be described as precise crime?相关的主题文章: