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A shares can meet the market? To promote the flow of capital market regulation overweight stock market – Sohu news since 2005 eleven after the first day of trading since 2005 eleven market performance after the first trading week market performance of eleven national holiday ending, A shares into the holiday market. In the past September, A shares gained continuous low volume, low volatility, so the performance of the double "champion", also makes the post market performance is worrying. "Kim Gu" has "silver ten" collapse of itself, whether can be expected? Today, the market started in October, before the uninterested investors after can be staged in October full of blood resurrection remains to be observed on the 9 day of rest. During the National Day holiday, overseas markets were mixed, the domestic market is also a major and institutional analysis, the current A shares by the internal and external factors, systematic opportunities difficult period, but does not rule out the stock market in October ushered in the rally. JINGWAH Times reporter Ao Xiaobo early review of stock index before the three season bears the crown in the world this year, the world’s major stock market index rose, but the stock market A personal independence of conduct. Data show that the stock index before the three quarter loss, plunged 15.1%, bear world. Especially in the past September, A shares is harvested a continuous low volume, low volatility of the double "champion", so the performance, so that investors on the A shares in October to cast a shadow. Public information display, the world’s major stock market index this year, rattling all the way. The U.S. stock market, the Dow before the three quarter rose 4.12%, the NASDAQ index rose 5.23%, the S & P index rose 5.24%; European stock markets, the FTSE 100 index rose 10.85%, the German DAX index fell 3.14% in Frankfurt, Russia’s RTS index rose 31.85%. Asian stock markets, in addition to the A-share market, the larger decline also includes the Nikkei 225 index, the first three quarters of this year fell by 13.58%, but also less than A share index fell by more than 15%. In contrast, the Hongkong stock market rose sharply in the first three quarters, particularly eye-catching performance, outperforming the world’s major stock markets. Data show that the Hang Seng Index rose third in the 12% quarter, the state-owned index rose as high as 10%. The recent market surrounding the stock market rose more or less during the National Day A shares closed, overseas capital markets continue to show mixed results. From the performance of U.S. stocks, due to the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, including the results of the U.S. presidential election and other matters, including a number of suspense to be solved, so in the past week, the u.s.. But market analysts believe that the recent performance of the U.S. stock market and U.S. election results support together. European stock markets in the past week eye-catching performance, due to the United Kingdom to take a firm stand, so the FTSE 100 index hit a high in the last week. Public information display, the British side has made it clear that the British government will do its best for the United Kingdom to fight for the best EU agreement to develop a timetable for the removal of Europe is essential to ease business uncertainty. Japan’s stock market, in the past week, the Bank of Japan made it clear that there are still a lot of loose space, the new policy framework will increase flexibility, this position.相关的主题文章: