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The teacher recommended the book to see the "ghost" primary school: cry no wrong practices – Sohu culture channel Jinyang news reporter Song Wangqun photography reports: recently there are parents to the Yangcheng Evening News reporters reflect, Shenzhen Longhua District triple eternal school teacher in the reading activities, should recommend the student to sell the contents of the book are superstitious books, "the White House is haunted." "ghost talk", "girl in such superstitions. The school as a place to teach scientific knowledge, why such a bibliography, the parents are very puzzled. November 3rd, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter went to the interview, the school responded that there is nothing wrong with the sale of scientific books on campus, grade six children should have screening capabilities. Parents complain: the teacher recommended to read the book out of fear of child protection, the parents do not want to disclose the name. The master told reporters that his children in the Longhua area of the triple eternal school grade six. Last week, the child will be a "Youth Science Quest notes" the books to take home, and said the school teacher recommended the purchase of the class and grade, many students have bought, spent 130 yuan, a total of ten copies. Look at the title, I did not find strange, not too concerned about. But just a few days ago at night, wake the baby suddenly in his sleep, said in the book of "ghosts", scared can’t sleep." The parents told reporters that she then took the children back the book inside, it frightened her, the book title drew a grinning like a black cat. The book catalog more exaggerated, "frequently haunted house" in Long Island on the "Xiongzhai" subdebutante in "photos grandmother ghost" and other articles, "I an adult evening to see these words all feel a little terror, let alone a child". The parents told reporters that she is the school and the teacher is very puzzled, as the school teaching scientific and cultural knowledge of the place, not stop superstitions spread, but recommended to the children, selling science books, almost unbelievable. The school responded: teacher practice is not wrong, 3, the reporter came to the Longhua District triple eternal school. The head of the office of the school heard the contents of the complaint, that there is nothing wrong with the sale of school books. According to its introduction, in response to Shenzhen’s "Reading Month" in October, the school organized a Reading Month activities, from outside the various books on campus booksellers will be placed, free for children to read. After reading the book, the children feel like, you can voluntarily purchase, not the school forced to buy. Reporter questioned the school has a teacher to primary school students recommend superstition books, is it wrong? The responsible person said, "I think the teacher recommended" Youth Science Quest notes "this book is not inappropriate to the students, the child has been on the sixth grade, more than and 10 year old child, should have the ability of self screening." The last person in charge said that at present, the school has to buy a "Youth Science Quest notes" students apply for a refund.相关的主题文章: