The 2016 summit high-end solar film take you win-追踪309

"The 2016 summit" high-end solar film take you win the domestic auto film industry 20 years of rapid development, is now in the transition period of fission channel and the market is undergoing a profound change in the price of pain – no minimum, only lower the quality of pain – the lack of brand protection, rampant fakes, blank channels of pain – 4S pain, dealer the pain, the pain of terminal stores the old model, the lack of ideas, market share continues to decline in new car sales fell and the double impact of copycat film, film brand in the way? Is it going to be like this? Are you looking for a solution to the problem? Are you looking for a partner to fight side by side? Arkelson bring breaking opportunity for you!   "2016 sun film summit" for the first domestic high-end car solar film segments of the summit in October 15th, Shanghai high-end thousand summit first solar film brand elite gathered to seek the future; the first fake alliance was formally established, then we face together! Joint action + + = experience sharing complementary resources together brands 100 construction 230 4S store 100 OEMs and 50 service providers 50 quality brand + mode + implementation = broken cross industry bureau of the world famous paint manufacturers Nippon successful landing pattern reference for different enterprises in the field of a platform to face pain points of the establishment of diplomatic relations the courage to mutually inclusive and ruthless strong medicine determination achievement of industry leader, set the industry benchmark!相关的主题文章: