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Riley: Austria fat from the Lakers recruited him not to dismiss the big fan of Bynum pick Wade ONeil heat isolation buckle ten ball sports news September 4th period Tencent pat Riley has a seat on the heat transfer the strongest remarks once again sparked heated debate, he believes that Shaquille O’neal is the history of the most important signings miami. According to Riley said, in 2004 the Lakers had hoped he went to coach in Losangeles, which was later traded O’neal foreshadowed. In addition, Riley said the rumor O’neal not in 2006 forced Miami fired Van Gundy. Riley and O’neal Riley as president in 2004, Miami, Miami has to big Van Gundy pointer. But in 2004, the Lakers lost the pistons in the finals, Phil Jackson decided to resign, the Lakers at an olive branch to Riley, hope that fortune son can go to Losangeles coach. The boss Allison allow Riley to apply for the Lakers, but is the candidates, Riley O’neal foreshadowed the success of the transaction. "We had to sit down and talk about the team thing," Riley said of meeting in 2004 and the Lakers, "I remember a question I put to them," O’neal and Kobe? "" "They don’t want to talk about this topic," said Riley, "I told them, I came to teach has a premise, that is to get a" OK "back to let the opportunity to reshape their relationship, let them walk hand in hand, because I think according to their squad and have already achieved Kobe and O’neal, you can also get more titles in Losangeles." However, the Lakers don’t think so, it completely blocked Riley road to the Lakers coach, but is this meeting, let Riley insight into the Lakers have decided to break up "OK", then the heat won the O’neal in a transaction. "In the chat after we go upstairs for dinner, that was the last time I heard they want me to coach, but they are also eager to absolute trade with us, so I’m not sure they really want me to coach the Lakers, or really want to trade Wade or Caron Butler," Riley recalls, "I said no deal, but Kupchak later called again, we are really interested in trading, then put forward Caron Butler, Odom, Blaine – Grant and first round draft picks to trade O’neal. We ended up with O’neal and won the championship." In December 2005, Riley again took up the Miami pointer, Van Gundy officially ended, the coaching has also been questioned about O’neal, but Riley said O’neal did not ask for change. "He never asked me or Allison, for example, ‘I want to coach Riley.’ It never happened, he never asked Stan Van Gundy." I was the president of the team, I will always pay attention to the team, but also there are eyeliner, I can control the team at any time." Riley confirmed that Van Gundy and O’neal had nothing to do with class. "O’neal’s deal is more important than any other transaction we have done, including the formation of the big three. It was a groundbreaking deal, and it really made us a champion.相关的主题文章: