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Zhang Xianzhong Shen secret: one case of silver excavation digging treasure special pay level cultural relics "diving tiger button Yongchang Marshal gold seal". Source: Oriental IC October 27th jiangkouzhen Minjiang segment through Sichuan city of Meishan province Pengshan District, because dry season water level dropped a lot, some places even exposed riverbed. The river water birds fly, almost no ships. "In the past can be lively, everywhere on the part of the river boat. Most of the time there are more than and 20 ships gathered in the range of a few hundred meters Dashuai dug gold seal position within the bow against the stern part, people have no place under water." Jiangkou Town Shuangjiang village, "Zhang Xianzhong silver precipitation excavation case" one of the suspects He Lin described to reporters two or three years ago "part time" on the river now deserted and lively, not the same. On the same day, the reporter learned from the Pengshan District Procuratorate, after 2 years of investigation results "Zhang Xianzhong Shen silver excavation case" has been sued 20 of 55 people, of which 28 people have been sentenced to 9. According to Wang Li, chief prosecutor of the Pengshan District Prosecutor’s office, the case has been sentenced for the fact that the facts are clear, involving relatively small cases, which was applied to probation 24 defendants have begun to accept community corrections. Jiangkouzhen "part" rivers and lakes "Zhang Xianzhong river sink silver" the legend of long-standing. According to historical records, the peasant uprising leader Zhang Xianzhong because the army Sichuan from Chengdu south water transfer, troops from Sichuan, gold and silver with dozens of ships. However, the local armed forces transferred the way was to attack, a large number of transport treasure ships were sunk under. Pengshan local has been spread in such a song: "Shilong stone tiger, gold and silver had five, who can know the broken, buy Chengdu house", many people think that Pengshan is the silver before sinking. But until 2010, Jiangkou Town home in front of the villagers are afraid to believe the true River can dig up the treasure. He Lin memories, around the end of 2010, at that time in the estuary dredging sand river dug a pit, found a lot of gold bullion, silver bullion, coins and other treasure. The second half of 2013, by a friend encouraged He Lin to join the ranks of the "treasures". He and 3 friends commissioned a town carpenter spent 6000 yuan to do a wooden boat, fitted with a diesel engine, and spent 70 thousand yuan to buy a diving suit, buoyancy vest and other equipment, intended to show hands in the river. At the same time, Jiangkou Town villagers have organized more than 10 groups of treasure mining, there are many foreign gangs also rushed to join the army, something. Two seasons of autumn and winter is the most lively part time, from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m., the river was digging up treasure ships shone brightly lit. "The village people dedicated to spend money to learn diving, just to come back something." He Lin said. Gradually, the gang formed some part of the "rules". As the gang members to turn the water on each jewel, a tied rope, the rest is in the boat pulled the rope, to prevent the water swept away. To dig treasure are a person to gang the most prestige, by him to sell antiques, regardless of how much money, in digging treasure equally. Open antique shop in Pengshan District Fengming park at the entrance of Yuan Yaodong is part of Jiangkou Town group"相关的主题文章: