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Twitter why "Troll" disaster? [Abstract] social science and technology Tencent BuzzFeed news media published an article called Twitter from birth to now, on the platform of the vicious and hate speech repeatedly not only tolerated, but also specially for them to optimize. But with Twitter growth stalled, the user’s anger against it hit a new high, the self proclaimed freedom of speech platform to do? BuzzFeed interviewed a number of informed sources, the following is the abstract: in May 22, 2008, Waldman (Ariel Waldman) feel that they have no choice. She is a community manager, is also a blogger, registered in March 2007 Twitter, a few months later, she became one of the 100 fans on the platform one of the most. Waldman says he is "addicted" to Twitter". But soon after, she will find the sprayer. The reason for this is that Waldman is a woman, writing articles occasionally and sex, technical dip edge. In June 2007, a troll issued a series of threatening tweets, her personal information posted on the inside. So Waldman contacted Twitter. Processing mode of the platform is public tweets to forbid the troll’s. But 8 months after that, Mann Wald suffered more harassment. Believe in a lot of her abusive tweets in the exposure of her personal information, in March 2008, she finally unbearable, once again turn to Twitter, this is looking for a CEO Jack · Dorsey (Jack Dorsey). But she played a lot of phone did not solve the problem, Dorsey and Twitter on the matter of silence. So in May of that year, Mann Wald in a blog post detailing the history of this matter, caused a great stir in the media circle. Twitter was just emerging, it is very rare to see the negative news. Waldman Bowen to Dorsey described as chief executive of an indifferent and even cowardly timid. She wrote: "Jack explained that they did not dare to ban a person, afraid if the matter referred to the court, let it Twitter." Although the Twitter founder Stone (Biz biz · Stone) issued an official response on the matter, said "Twitter is a communication tool, not a mediator," but the West remained silent. Evan, co-founder of · Twitter (Ev) in the statement of the views of the Williams, after the attitude of barely apologized to a Williams. Wald man mad. "Just before the incident I still treat them as friends." Ingrained problems that happen after eight years, Twitter has now been spray disaster, user harassment, abuse phenomenon is very common, as well as its chief executive said, "for many years, we are not good at dealing with spray and hate speech problems on this platform." There is a lot of knowledge!相关的主题文章: