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A Yinzhou quarry happens to steal oil Woan 13 truck drivers caught bootleg diesel at noon yesterday, Yinzhou Takahashi police station news release, Yinzhou Gaoqiao Town a quarry, 13 truck drivers caught diesel bootleg collective participation! That’s pretty high. You know, there are 15 trucks in the quarry. Takahashi police station received a report in October 31st, the quarry owner Ms. Chen said, the staff found many bootleg diesel company huge losses. Ms. Chen found that employees bootleg diesel is in the middle of October, relatives talk to her, see the quarry car parked on the roadside to sell oil. After she heard the news, she noticed the refueling situation of the company’s car, and she found the trick. The quarry has a total of 15 trucks, due to traffic regulations, until the evening before entering the city, until all. "I’ve been working for three or four years, and I feel very bad about my boss."." When asked why to sell stolen diesel, the suspect xiaomou said, tired of living less money, he would move from the diesel car to sell the idea, and frank himself two or three years ago sold a memory that sold 45 yuan. Xiaomou Ningbo, thought of the event to be discovered by the boss will be very embarrassed, so no longer sell the oil, but in the past 2 months, he returned, with colleagues from the sale of diesel, did not expect to be discovered by the boss. Selling diesel driver explained the process of committing the crime: quarry diesel by the company responsible for providing, need to refuel went to the responsible person to take the keys to open the fuel tank cap lock in petro add good after the lock, the key to the person in charge, otherwise it will not be released. In the beginning, they would deliberately finish the oil, do not lock the lid, and then sell it, and then find a key, also can open the lock. It is understood that the quarry management of oil tank cover locks key is the boss’s brother, the driver of the mouth of the person in charge of "old Chen."". Lao Chen said, he came to the quarry, is personally locked to unlock, from the end of last year, he is a little lazy, sometimes let the driver get the keys to open, and after the oil return line, "I see the driver of good people, so there is no doubt." The police investigation, the drivers will be sold to the oil to suspect Chu, Chu will place, brought a skin tube, with the mouth and then pick the diesel suction oil prepared with oil. Since April this year, the average driver earned about 4000 yuan per person. "Their car, the amount of fuel consumption can control, slow down, the diesel will be saved, are driving a large trailer driver to sell oil."." According to the received stolen Chu confessed that he knew these engines are from the quarry. In order to facilitate the money, he provides 3 oil specifications: first 15L, can receive 30 pounds of diesel, filled with 50 yuan; second, 20L, can receive 50 pounds of diesel, filled with 80 yuan; third 40L, can receive 70 pounds of diesel, filled with 150 yuan. Close to the oil, Chu then sold to other teams. Since April, he has made 20 thousand of oil from quarries. At present, 13 truck drivers and received stolen goods were detained by criminal case Ch’u, instrument

鄞州一采石场发生盗油窝案 13名货车司机私卖柴油被抓   昨天中午,鄞州高桥派出所发布消息,鄞州高桥镇一采石场,13名货车司机集体参与私卖柴油被抓!   这个比例相当高了,要知道,整个采石场也就15辆货车。   高桥派出所接到报警是在10月31日,采石场的老板娘陈女士说,发现员工私卖柴油多次,公司损失巨大。   陈女士发现员工私卖柴油是在10月中旬,亲戚跟她讲,看到有采石场的车停在路边卖油。得知消息后,她便注意起公司车辆的加油情况,果然发现了猫腻。   采石场一共有15辆货车,因交通管理规定,要到晚上才能进入城区,工作到凌晨是常事。   “我干了三四年,很辛苦,感觉老板对我们司机很抠。”在问及为何要偷卖柴油时,犯罪嫌疑人肖某如此回答,活累钱少,他就动起了将车内柴油拿去卖的念头,并坦白自己两三年前卖过一次,记忆深刻,那次卖了45元。   肖某是宁波人,一想到万一被老板发现会非常丢脸,于是之后不再卖油,但最近2个月,他又重操旧业,跟同事卖起了柴油,没想到会被老板发现。   盗卖柴油的司机交代了作案过程:采石场的柴油是由公司负责提供,需要加油就去找负责人拿钥匙打开油箱盖的锁,在公司加油处加好后锁上,将钥匙还给负责人,否则不予放行。一开始,他们会故意加完油不锁盖子,然后拿去卖,后来找了一把钥匙,也能将锁打开。   据了解,采石场管理油箱盖锁具钥匙的是老板娘的哥哥、司机口中的负责人“老陈”。老陈说,他刚来采石场时,都是亲自上锁亲自解锁,从去年年底开始,他有点偷懒,有时就让司机自己拿钥匙去开,加完油还回来就行,“我看驾驶员人还不错,所以就没有怀疑。”   警方调查,司机们将油卖给了嫌疑人褚某,到了约定地点,褚某会拿来一根皮管,用嘴将柴油吸出,然后用备好的油桶来接油。从今年4月份至今,司机们平均每人赚到了约4000元。   “他们跑车子的,油耗数量自己可以控制,开得慢一点,柴油就省下来了,都是开大挂车的司机来卖油。”据收赃的褚某交代,他知道这些柴油都是来自采石场。   为了方便算钱,他规定了3种油桶规格:第一种15L,可以收30斤柴油,装满后50元;第二种,20L,可以收50斤柴油,装满后80元;第三种40L,可以收70斤柴油,装满后150元。   收来的油,褚某再转卖给别的车队使用。4月份以来,他从采石场收油就赚了2万。   目前,13名货车司机以及收赃人褚某均被刑事拘留,案件正在进一步调查中。   甬派客户端记者 沈之蓥 通讯员 卢淑仪相关的主题文章: