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Fashion-Style Cute bunny rabbit girl: English formerly known as a Bunny Girl, Japanese Writing Information found the writing is . Rabbit ears, rabbit ears hat "bunny" culture is European and American popular culture and cultural passions, 50 years, "bunny" has been to create elite, upstart passions, making the self-interest to enjoy the unique ambience of life. After 70 years, Playboy Bunny has swept Japan, wearing the rabbit, dressed in bathing suits, with graceful posture of the "bunny" has been active in the Japanese film culture heat, the entertainment industry, "bunny" in Japan became the cute, sexy synonymous with girls. These girls are called "bunny" – they are beautiful, sexy low cut halter dress, wearing bunny ears and tail hair accessories, with high heels, stockings set (the number is a network of mostly socks), in shuttle crowd, brought delicious drinks and snacks. Interestingly, these bunny always food in the choice to send bent knee squatting, it is said, This is to prevent bending lecher who use their time inside glimpse of spring clothing. This has be.e a symbol of rabbit girl action. Inside the club culture, emphasis on "eye-catching" word, which determines the small cats and Rabbit ears are not .parable to the big ears ~ Playboy (Playboy) in the rabbit girl. Accurately speaking, they are the Playboy .pany from 1960 to 1988 in the United States built a series of Playboy nightclub waitress. But because of their uniforms (reportedly, this is the only copyrighted work uniforms) to give people the impression of deep, later is often the dress photography. The first Playboy club opened in downtown Chicago, but Playboy is America, the bunny Costumes should be said that the rise from the United States. Bunny in today’s society, the rabbit girl as the main staff, has been recognized by all walks of life, in the July 5 ASUS motherboard’s "National Core full overclocking – ASUS Intel Overclocking .petition National Finals" on , Playboy Bunny as a field service personnel, has been recognized guests attended. [Footnote]: the strict requirements bunny sexy bunny Playboy bunny is Playboy Club waitress drinks. There are several different types of rabbit girl, including Door bunny Costumes, cigarettes bunny Costumes, Floor Playboy Bunny Costumes, Playmate bunny Costumes, and Jet (Jet Playboy waitress Costumes). To be.e a Playboy Bunny, hearing tests for women to go through a rigorous selection. Then, they should be a Playboy Bunny official prior to a series that runs through the rigorous training. Playboy Bunny requirements can be identified 143 kinds of wine brands, but also know how to decorate 20 different cocktails. Playboy Bunny dating or together with the customer is strictly prohibited, customers can not touch the bunny. If the performance of a Playboy Bunny is not strictly by the .anization, then she’d be demerits. Only the C1, most important "Keyholders" (a member of the Playboy Club) to date bunny. Unlike the rumors and so many people default, Playboy bunny is not a prostitute. Playboy Bunny can not reveal his name, not to mention the guests of the guests to sleep. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: