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Health Somehow the words convenience and dentist are not normally heard in the same sentence. Well, at Bright Side Dental, located just outside Detroit, Michigan, this family dentist office is nothing but convenient. To begin with, have you ever needed a dental appointment like now? Maybe you had a bad toothache, your tooth broke off, or one of your family members had bad mouth pain? Well, normally we have to wait a few days for an appointment and when we arrive, are given a once-over, sent home with some meds and told to return a few days later. Not at Bright Side Dental. If you need emergency dental care they will normally bring an emergency patient into the office that very day and most often will do the work that is needed fully handling the source of the trouble and eliminating the need to return at some other time. More importantly, Bright Side Dental offers most every dental procedure needed, conveniently under one roof, at each one of their three locations Sterling Heights, Livonia and Canton. This means that you can bring several members of the family in for work needed at the same time. Or you can have any work you need done in successive appointments right there in the same office. This also means you would rarely be sent to other dental offices for additional work needed such as dental or gum surgery or orthodontics work needed or implant dentistry. So you can reduce the inconvenience of new paperwork at each of these offices, new insurance forms, getting to know the routine of the other offices, etc. Convenience means offering the newest cosmetic dentistry procedures: natural porcelain veneers & crowns, bridges, teeth whitening, bonding and white fillings, Invisalign (straightens teeth without braces), Lumineers, laser cavity detection and more. They also have specialists for orthodontics for the whole family and their own implant dentist, who is a Fellow of A.A.I.D with 24 yrs. experience (Diplomate of the A.B.O.I./I.D.) Bright Side Dental is also recognized for gentle dentistry, which usually means no missing work or down time, since theres little or no stress involved in the appointments. This includes your dental fillings, children’s dentistry, cleanings and check-ups, treatment of gum and bone disease, root canals, oral surgery (wisdom teeth extractions), dentures or partials, adult & child cleanings and gum surgery. Your family appointments made at the same time or in successive appointments really make for convenience. You can bring everyone in at the same time and get all your appointments handled. Maybe one of you will need a cleaning while someone else in the family is there for the monthly braces appointment whilst another needs a root canal. Time saving, less driving, less hassle, it makes life much easier! The ability to service all your dental needs under one roof is an important part of this new standard of dental care. This is especially practical for working professionals whose dental work can be done in the same day, at the same office, efficiently with successive or corresponding appointments. Its easy to get an appointment. Bright Side Dental, your Michigan family dentist is conveniently open nights and Saturdays, as well. Call today and see! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: