The Truth About Options For Yoga Teachers (part 1)-headache怎么读�

UnCategorized When, or if, you decide to be.e a Yoga teacher, you should start with a basic Yoga teacher training course that gives you an overview of all of the fields within Yoga. If you decide to specialize, it is best to do it when the need apparent. This is not always the case for every Yoga instructor. For example: You may have a calling for Prenatal Yoga or Kids Yoga. This is fine – as Yoga teachers, and Yoga practitioners, we all understand passion. However, please make sure there is a market for the Yoga teaching niche you desire in your local area. After you get your feet wet, teaching Yoga to different groups, you will more accurately see your own destiny. This may not happen right away, and some Yoga instructors are very .fortable working with the general population. When I look at my weekly schedule, I teach Yoga to kids, seniors with various levels of mobility, Gentle Yoga to a targeted middle aged group, Restorative Yoga (which also attracts students in the middle-aged range), Vinyasa Yoga classes to students in the 20 to 30 years of age range, and private sessions, which can cover just about anything. To be honest, this is not for everyone, but if you teach Yoga full time, you tend to go where the needs are. Yoga students will seek you out, and you may have a specialized market that screams for your help. This will guide you toward a needful population of motivated Yoga students. This is exactly what happened to me with Chair Yoga. When I received a call from a local senior center for Yoga classes, I had no idea it would be.e so popular. That led to filling up my morning Yoga class schedule, Later, I trained Yoga instructors, in my area, to address a need that is far beyond my ability to fulfill. The fact is, more Chair Yoga teachers are needed right now. In our next section, we will go over some options for Yoga teachers, who have students, or potential students, seeking a specific form of Yoga instruction. Some of these niche markets will give you no passion at all, but it is good to look at your teaching options and then decide which sort of Yoga training you want to get involved in. Always remember to keep an eye on which forms of Yoga are in demand, even though they may not appeal to you personally. Copyright 2006 Paul Jerard / Aura Publications About the Author: 相关的主题文章: