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UnCategorized Going to a marriage or family therapist for relationship counseling has almost be.e a necessity for anyone with a family these days. Judges require it for anger management and domestic violence issues and American presidents, government officials and celebrities go to keep marriages together which have been fractured by affairs, drugs or alcohol abuse. Now, almost anyone can afford to utilize these specialized services because of coverage provided by health insurance and employee assistance programs. Since these counseling services are in such demand, marriage and family therapists have opened offices in almost every major city and suburb. With so many therapists around, you may have a hard time choosing the best one for you. Some of these counselors are not even able to provide you and your spouse with personality tests so you can see in black and white how to better understand each other. Well, don’t get too worried about it for I will provide you a few ways on how to find the best marriage or family counselor near you. 1. Time- Tested Counselors and Family Counselors. Go to those therapists who have been around awhile and have been tried and tested by many. These therapists are often the more popular ones who have a known name in your city and are known by your physician, lawyer or minister. These counselors are usually highly respected and by selecting one using this criterion, you can be fairly certain that you’ve made a good choice. Also, ask any friends you may have who have consulted a marriage counselor. They will be flattered that you confided in them and usually will be happy to re.mend you to a family counseling professional. 2. Join Online Marriage and Family Forums There are several marriage and family forums you can find on the inter. through various search engines. The best approach is to find one, register for a membership and join the forum on the spot. You can then inquire about how to find the best marriage and family therapists in your area. Blogs online which address marriage and family therapy could also be helpful in finding the best counselors in your town. 3. Study Therapists’ Credentials and Retain one who uses Personality Testing If you really want to know which counselors are the best, then you must discern their credentials. Get a counselor who is licensed in your state as a "professional counselor," "marriage and family therapist," or "clinical social worker." These professionals typically have master’s degrees in counseling or social work and, additionally, have satisfied requirements for an internship or supervised experience. However, they are not trained to administer personality tests. Those who are licensed as counseling and clinical psychologists also have expertise in marriage and family counseling. Psychologists have a doctoral degree in psychology and also have satisfied requirements for a rigorous internship. Psychologists are the most highly trained in counseling and psychology of all mental health professionals. Importantly, they are also trained to provide personality testing, which can be a huge advantage in helping spouses UNDERSTAND each other, discovering what makes each other tick. No other counseling professional is trained in this crucial skill. If you search for the best marriage and family therapist using the guidelines above you will be able to find one in no time. Your marriage and family are yours for a lifetime, so, to treat your problems, consult only with the best counselor or therapist you can find. About the Author: He earned his doctorate in counseling psychology at The University of Southern Calif. and is a member of the American Counseling Association. 相关的主题文章: