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8 kinds of common plants are hidden toxic Pro attention available [introduction] Chu Home Furnishing usually we have to put a few potted love in the office, home, and seductive but also purify the air. However, it is clear that not all plants are suitable for indoor breeding, a part of the plant itself with poison, if the excessive intake, it will lead to allergies and other symptoms, must be carefully chosen. Today, Xiao Bian gave you talk about what kinds of plants are not suitable for breeding at home. Oleander: it emit toxic gases, which can make people depressed easily lead to asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia. Often smell its taste, but people’s mental decline. The aircraft grass also known as: fragrant weed, chrysanthemum leaves grass grass Yan aircraft value is also good, but do not touch, if the skin is exposed to leaves, can cause redness, blisters and other symptoms; if a child eating, dizziness. Vomiting and other conditions. The aircraft grass although toxic, but can be made into drug references, can cure cancer, trauma hemorrhage and iron. Arum also known as: taro, taro, hemp, taro gainuwai lotus in the sky once the base of Alocasia juice to will be itching all over, when in contact with the eyes, there is a strong sense of pain, if eaten to metal disorder, will lead to serious death. But also can be used as medicine, can cure influenza, typhoid etc.. Verbena: also known as iron whip, whip, Bermuda grass, slightly iron broom blades with photosensitive toxicity, once after contact with skin, after the sun will appear bloated. Swelling and other phenomena. Verbena can also be used as medicine, detoxification, diuresis, detumescence, hair care and other medicine after effect. Also known as: wheat, buckwheat, rye and wheat flower triangle, net intestinal grass, wintergreen. Buckwheat petals containing the photosensitive material, once ingested can cause skin inflammation, after the sun will appear after the difficulties, headache and vomiting etc.. After the noodles, buckwheat flour jelly and other food, medicine, Du Yu Xiaoshi of stagnation have a good effect. The sap is toxic and is usually the most toxic in the stems. Generally the glue hand or the skin, can cause allergic reactions, or by plaque from the itchy feeling, you don’t pay attention to the more itching scratching. In addition, eating can lead to gastrointestinal pain, paralysis, and even affect the vocal cords. If placed indoors, be careful. Cestrum aka: lilac, tuberose, ocean night cloves whole plant are poisonous, dead pollen can lead to respiratory allergies, long time inhalation can cause nausea, vomiting, coma and other symptoms. Can be used as landscaping, extract the essence of words, can be used as perfume and cosmetics.相关的主题文章: