9 years of oppression! Atletico again this time on MSN in front of God (video).-7470d

9 years of oppression! Atletico again this time on? MSN in steel is in front of God Barcelona home court for the horse looking forward to continue winning competitive racing at the Nou Camp did not win sports news despite the Tencent September 21st Atletico last season in the Champions League quarter finals successfully knocked out Barcelona (official data), but since February 5, 2006, has never been away in the Spanish legion of linen beat barcelona. Let Simonyi concern is that by Barcelona Trident state 8 times against arranged 13 goals are good. The last time in La Liga Atletico away win over Barcelona or in the 2005-06 season, when more than 3 to 1 sheets Legion win, despite the past 11 seasons, but 4 players played at that time is still expected to debut in Nokamp, including the team captain Gabi, Iniesta (data) and the number one idol, Messi Torres. In this game, Rijkaard Eto’O, Ronaldinho, Edmilson holiday, Belletti, Harvey (data) and Mota, Iniesta, Messi, Torres main, are the starting lineup, and is played in the seventy-fourth minute substitute. Torres scored two of the plum to open two degrees Torres is undoubtedly the Atletico win hero, Maxi Rodrigues for another ball into sheets legion, Barcelona by Larson only a draw. Messi in forty-seventh minutes by replacing Iniesta Giuly departure, Larson sent assists, and before the final, Gaby also because of a foul on Iniesta is booked. After the 11 season, Atletico never win Barcelona in spain. Enrique has been playing for the 8 time since he coached. In 8 games, Barcelona scored 7 wins and 1 negative results, scoring 14 goals to lose 8 balls, exaggerated, which is composed of MSN into the 13 ball, in which Messi scored 5 goals, Neymar and Suarez each scored 4 goals, that is to say, MSN scored 92.8% goals. MSN is only a game last season failed to break their Champions League quarter final second leg. Enter another ball for Barcelona is Atletico defender Miranda, in January 28, 2015 the king’s Cup clash, Miranda accidentally scored an own goal, this means that the two teams had 8 encounters, except MSN Barcelona players never break. Ma Jing scored 8 goals, Torres scored 3 goals, Gregory Saltzman scored 2 goals, Man Giulia Kikki, Raul – Garcia, Kirk each scored 1 goals. MSN is the strongest combination, on Atletico winrate also proved this point. Messi occupation career 30 times against Atletico made 19 wins 5 draws and 6 losses, winning percentage reached 63.4%, while in the 30 game, Messi scored 25 goals. Neymar 14 times against Atletico have achieved 7 wins, 5 draws and 2 defeats, scored 6 goals, winning percentage of 50%. Suarez winning the most exaggerated, 7 games scored 6 wins and 1 negative results, scored 4 goals, winning percentage as high as 85.7%. Trident Barcelona this season is also very good, Messi 7 games, scored 8 goals and 5 assists, Suarez 6 appearances in 10 goals (7 goals and 3 assists) Neymar, 3 appearances in 7 balls (2 goals and 5 assists). Self forming since Barcelona Trident 16)相关的主题文章: