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A classic car and a bottle of powerful additives – Sohu I remember my car in her senior year in his room hung on the walls of two luxury car photos, a "Bentley" in front of Chrysler 300C, the other one is very classic "four eye lamp" Mercedes E class. Unfortunately, I made from the media, when the two cars have been shut down completely, until this video of the shooting, I was the first driver to dream "four eyes light" E280 — have already run 200 thousand kilometers of the old car, fortunately, the E280 condition is very good, can still be seen when style. For me, high school and college, you can probably the most "pure love something" era, because it was ignorant began to have awareness of the real world, but not by the social reality and the influence. But another word is also very good, there is a regret, called: in the grade can not enjoy, have the ability to have the grade is no longer enjoy. For me, this is definitely a reason to have a second-hand luxury car in life, in the past only YY luxury cars can try to own, is a happy thing. Oh, the Mercedes Benz E280 boss single brother told me that the foreign price is 130 thousand yuan, but from my previous understanding, in fact there are still some talk about the price of space (I won’t tell you my own before in the Guangdong area after another black E280, but the final index of the problem to choose, or may not choose a new car after SUV). How comfortable it is to have this E280, but in fact I’ve made it very clear in the video. It said four impressed me most: 1 has been extinct in this era of pure comfortable style: after all, this car any time you want to drive slowly, Xiantingxinbu driving, without any desire to drive fast. Including the suspension is also a pair of always comfortable first feeling, in this very lively and fast-paced era, every day to open the car, even if it is busy again can also let the heart calm down. 2 super vision: the same open this feature has become extinct in this era, the ultra low front windshield, high posture, while the car is 4.8 meters long, but now may open up than 4.6 meters car better control and vision. Now the new car, and not to do their own sense of security around four, the car is to strengthen the atmosphere, but the view than the old car. 3 old Mercedes Style: this may be true, but as this E280 locked voice like Benz G-Class as a purely mechanical lock sound lets the human very addictive; and front the Trident star sign, every car can see the front stands the big LOGO, the heart satisfaction is very good, right now, the fixed beacon in all new cars banned, because the requirements of pedestrian protection — oh, and before and after the glass roof, the E-Class glass roof is the same level of initiative. 4 security is very high: the era of ben.相关的主题文章: