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A good manual: in fact two words – Sohu automobile tail is planted questions @ cow: the manual driving experience? Summary of two words is simple, more practice. A lot of people think that they can manually open, but it is not the case. For example, most taxi taxi, according to what I know is a manual, drivers daily driving manual car should know the manual gear run around here and there now, but you can look at it in a taxi, the taxi drivers are the most 3000 turn over the engine speed " seal; " again, some even default 2000 rpm is the red zone, that is to say they have to shift, sometimes will lead to power shortage in the uphill time. Although the shift operation, oil away from the very skilled, but I do not think this is known to understand the manual block, because they did not choose the right road according to the road traffic. To do this, you need to understand the characteristics of your engine output, as well as the gear ratio of each gear. In addition, a manual car in the shift when there will be a great setback to many people, this is not a good grasp of the gear speed difference between the result. In particular, when the gear down, often need to switch the gap in the gap to fill a foot of oil to be able to compare the smooth shift, as the timing and intensity of oil, or the two words: more practice. The manual is actually very interesting, but now more and more city block, driving a manual comparison of torture, and manual many cars are only equipped with a minimum, high configuration models provide no manual version, this also let people feel sorry love manual. We only focus on the production of the original car content, want to become more aware of the car, you can subscribe to our WeChat public number: ID:cartracks. Has gathered hundreds of thousands of fans, waiting for you!相关的主题文章: