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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Jack stands are used to stand your car on the stands so as to get easy access while you want to clean them. To perform any work under your car, it is not feasible to lie down and perform all the action. You need to rise up the vehicle so that you can properly carry on with your work. Many a times it happens that people use bricks and cinder blocks or other materials to put under their car so as to provide a proper elevation. These materials are very much prone to break down at any instance because of the load and thus attract severe accidents. Hence one should go for a wide variety of Jack stands available in the market. Just simply buy a jack stand which is capable enough to carry the load of your car. You should also remember never to go under a car if you are holding it up only with the help of a jack. There is a huge difference between a jack and a jack stand. A jack cannot hold as much weight as a jack stand can bear. A wide variety of Jack stands are available in the market depending on their capacity to hold weight. Mainly there are only two types of jacks on the basis of function. One of them is a jack stand that is granted with a flat Y shaped structure at the top of the jack stand and makes it stand upwards from the base. This type of Jack stand is needed to provide support to a frame rail and even an axle. However, the other one is a more .mon construction and is made of cast steel. The cast steel Jack stand has a row of teeth at one side of the design. These teeth are used to make adjustments. However, the other type of Jack stand is actually a box in a rectangular shape which can have either a ramp or not, can be imparted with a centre post or not. It actually functions when you are working underneath a car and do not want to remove the wheels. It provides desired support to the wheels. Among a wide variety of Jack stands on the basis of weight and functions, box stand is the best. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: