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Abdominal liposuction is harmful to the body? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! (source: the famous plastic surgeon Ma Meisheng micro-blog) slim has been all the beauty of a woman’s pursuit, but with the living conditions are getting better and better, more and more people are lazy, we find the abdominal obesity, is the most vulnerable to the accumulation of fat, a lot of beauty in abdominal fat and trouble, especially in postpartum women abdominal fat especially! This is really a headache for beauty, taste a variety of weight loss methods, the effect is very little. Pictures from the network appears to be overweight liposuction Amy who brought hope, take abdominal liposuction can quickly lose belly fat, but the safety problem of abdominal liposuction has been for the United States to do abdominal liposuction concerns, many people have abdominal liposuction hesitate? Then abdominal liposuction harmful? Let’s get down to it! Pictures from the network of abdominal liposuction harmful? After the waist absorbs a large amount of fat, not only can increase insulin hyperplasia, reduce the fat into the blood, reducing blood glucose, blood lipids, fat accumulation is due to the rise of diaphragm, and the thoracic volume decreased, breathing effect, reduce abdominal fat thickness, can breathe more smoothly. Abdominal liposuction harmful? Abdominal liposuction is only suitable for the accumulation of abdominal fat too many patients, health requirements without the disease, no skin sagging. For the beauty of abdominal liposuction, there is a lot of postpartum women, because the production and deposition of fat is the most difficult, so many people choose abdominal liposuction, to remind the beauty, the birth and caesarean section and beer belly should be cautious in the choice of abdominal liposuction, should be in a regular hospital professional doctor after a medical examination and make a decision. Some general adverse reactions we see abdominal liposuction, mostly from some improper operation, or physician professional technology is not enough, not by skilled liposuction. To avoid the harm of abdominal liposuction should note the following: 1, abdominal liposuction only smoke deep fat, keep at least 1 cm superficial fat, subcutaneous fibrous septum due to complete recovery period, promote skin contraction, and the doctor will let each recipient wear elastic plastic clothes, after the operation in shallow fat retention after the external pressure, will make the skin fat layer can be in the correct position and deep fat flap adhesion, avoid loose sagging formation of golf bags or loose phenomenon, abdominal liposuction generally do not have loose phenomenon. 2, human skin has good elasticity, like maternal waist circumference during pregnancy in large, but after a month can recover better, this is due to good skin elasticity, for most people (not severe skin laxity, liposuction person) postoperative surgical site skin not only do not loose, looks will be better than the preoperative tighter than the skin, but "tight" level is general, It differs from man to man., skin thicker, stronger suction back compression force, so the men than women, outside inside, the abdomen, back than younger than the old, better shaping effect after operation. .相关的主题文章: