Account of the husband discovered the

On account of the secret of this husband found my adopted husband illegitimate child friends letter: summer teacher Hello, since after the death of her two children, no one at home, I had to quit his job, back to the countryside. At that time, the eldest daughter six years old, the youngest daughter two years old. Originally in the help of her mother-in-law, my husband and I work outside. My husband and I are working in the factory, income in general. So, I go back to the countryside to take care of two children, at home also live frugally, I used to do farm work at home will not, but in order to save money for my husband, I learned to grow vegetables and chicken, so every day can only buy some meat, egg for children to eat, can increase nutrition. I have nothing to do in the domestic wool hook shoes, and then sell on the Internet, although the money is not a lot of money, but I am satisfied. Husband each month would send us two thousand dollars, I would not run out of food, store it. The little daughter in kindergarten, I was trying to make money, because I know my husband’s salary is not high, working for so many years, he has been before more than 3000 months, so that our pressure is very large. In this way, about more than and 10 years later, the eldest daughter is about to give birth to high school, in order to give her a better learning environment, I decided to send her to a private school. In the registration of the eldest daughter, the school requires the provision of this account, the results I accidentally found that our family’s account, even more than a person’s name. Think about the past few years, I have not opened the account, did not expect more than a little boy above, already 5 years old. The moment I saw my name, I really broke down. My husband telephoned, he explained that help other children on the account, I asked who it was, he always hesitated. In a moment, my sixth sense told me that he must have betrayed me. Because, on account of the child is with his surname. The day I took my little daughter by train. To find him, he is not working in the factory, but doing business. For so many years, I always believe in him, he always thought that work in the factory, I was at home to live frugally, reluctant to spend money. In order to save money, I won’t even come to see him in a car, is afraid of the impact of his work, two are afraid to spend money, children used to eat and drink but also rent a house, plus I carsick, with two children is not easy, it has never seen him. Really did not expect that my husband was actually doing business, income has long exceeded my imagination, but why her husband to hide all this from me? I see her husband come here, know from the, so he told me the truth that the child was his, he said is drink villain. The woman helped him to do business because he had money. Stable business, he secretly to the child on the account, these things I have not known. He earned his money, and he bought a second-hand house, and lived with them. And the woman, in this period also tired of this kind of life, every day quarrel with him. Finally, in the first half of this year, the woman because life hopeless, can not wait for his divorce, so broke up. But, in order to facilitate her married, no children. Heard here, I really misty eyes, I don’t want to forgive him, in front of him.相关的主题文章: