Allowance For Kids Across The

Finance The thought of an allowance for kids would seem unbelievable to a very large portion of the world’s population. Children are for in.e not expenditure. When they are nearly old enough to start work, they start, and any money that they earn is paid into the family coffers. If school an option at some point it will be seen as an opportunity to increase earning power, and all expenditure will be regarded as debt, to be paid off at some future time. Another reality is the kind of parent who wants to get the child out of the house for some reason. He will fling some notes, sometimes quite a substantial amount, in the direction of his offspring, and tell him to get out of the way. At another extreme is the spoilt child of a wealthy family who takes his large allowance as a human right that is his due. In fact he would be thoroughly put out if someone were to suggest that an allowance was a privilege, and not a right. In the not so distant past people like this sometimes got themselves entangled with gambling debts or pretty servant girls. Disgraced, they were sent to the colonies and regarded with suspicion there because they did not have to work. Most ‘remittance men’ spent their time shooting animals and drinking, but some started sugar or cotton estates and established respectable dynasties. They can still be seen, staring at cameras as if to ask who the devil would question their right to a monthly pay off. Such are the extremes, but between there are the bourgeoisie. These professional or sensible people, wherever they live, calculate how much their child will need at various stages of life. Then, as part of their parental obligation they pay a monthly stipend that will cover costs and leave a little over for saving. They might expect some light duties in exchange, but they will hold their child accountable in one way or another. Such are the people who make up the backbone of society, living ordered, sensible lives. Allowances for kids fit into the pattern for them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: