Amazon started again 2016 Kindle our plan

Amazon started again 2016 Kindle "and" September, Beijing – Chinese Amazon today announced that Kindle together again China foundation for poverty alleviation, jointly launched the 2016 annual Kindle plan and public projects, aimed at improving the rural primary school less developed areas of the reading situation, and stimulate the remote rural young people reading and writing enthusiasm. Kindle "our plan" in 2016 formally to the 2 stage of evolution, has become a public platform for innovation in all walks of life. In addition to Amazon Kindle electronic library independent donated, including eight China from different industry partners, and frequently read off the iron, Youku, Iqiyi, Ji’nan, Shanghai and Shanghai canal Hong Yun Ying Rui Fu, formally joined the Kindle in 2016 "our plan" for Sichuan and donated Kindle electronic library two Yunnan province underdeveloped areas 22 rural primary school together with Amazon, benefiting nearly 9000 rural pupils. Each of the Kindle electronic library will be equipped with 50 sets of Kindle Paperwhite e-book reader and by the press partners donated 500 books for children to read e-books. Amazon vice president and Chinese president Ms. Zhang Wenyi, China poverty alleviation fund Assistant Secretary General Mr. Ding Yadong, Foreign Liaison Bureau of the Ministry of culture and director Jiang book 8 love business representatives attended the 2016 Kindle "and" joint donation ceremony. Amazon’s vice president of global Chinese and MS. Zhang Wenyi, vice president of global Chinese and speech Amazon CEO Zhang Wenyi said: "reading is not the distance and borders, we hope that with the help of Kindle ‘our plan’, eliminate exist between urban and rural areas, the teenagers reading gap, stimulate young people’s reading enthusiasm. Since 2015 officially launched, "our plan" gained public attention and support, but also the continuous development and evolution. We will continue to make Kindle "our scheme into an open public platform, hope more partners and caring people to join us," our plan for the Kindle ‘tianchai raise, let more Chinese teenagers love reading and writing, benefit from reading and writing." Adhering to the "concept of public delegate to fish" and based on the successful experience of the project in 2015, Amazon and the poverty alleviation fund will continue to hold our children "second pupils writing activities in this year’s recipient schools, outstanding works will be compiled into a collection of books" and "for the children, and charity in the Amazon platform. Charity donations will become small authors "in the life of the first fee", so as to promote local students reading and writing through reading, encourage them to increase knowledge, writing, by dreams, personally write their own growth path. In order to ensure every Kindle in the electronic library "best use" in each school year by donations, will also set up an electronic library management teacher as "road’". On the one hand.相关的主题文章: