American woman robbed Chinese students he is certainly rich Chinese

American woman robbed Chinese students: he is the Chinese people must be rich woman accused Alejandra Guerrero admitted to rob Ji happy, because he is Chinese, Chinese people must have money". (source: Hongkong "Economic Daily" website) the United States women’s Chinese robbery students: he is certainly rich Chinese Reference News Network October 9th Hong Kong media reported that in the United States to study Chinese student discipline is pleased murder case, the jury entered the second day of the trial, the defendant admits beat Ji pleased, also said the election period have robbed on the way, because he is Chinese, Chinese certainly rich". Hongkong "Economic Daily" website on October 8th quoted the U.S. "world news" reported that the University of Southern California China student discipline is pleased and robbed last year killed cases to trial, the court showed two to 29 street in the vicinity of the shooting video. Video shows that the 4 defendants and a girl who was only 14 years old has not been prosecuted, five people together in a dark Japanese car, arrived at the scene near midnight 12:36. They drove a few minutes transit in the community, the roadside parking, after getting off the right to start. The woman accused Alejandra Guerrero said, she and colleagues in the street to see Ji Xin and think, "he’s Chinese, Chinese certainly rich". So, she and Garcia to Ji pleased, and asked him "what" is in your pocket, but "Ji pleased as if to say Chinese, we did not understand what he said," Garcia clenched his fist in his face and beat the past, played at least three. She admitted that she had begun, but she explained, was because the discipline is pleased to grab her arm, she just defense, "I asked Garcia to help me". Finally, the discipline is pleased to run, they did not grab what. Ji was born in Inner Mongolia, Hohhot. The autumn of 2013 began to study at University of Southern California in the United States Viterbi School of Engineering Electrical engineering. In July 24, 2014, the 24 year old road in the morning to return to the dormitory discipline is pleased to encounter 5 people robbery, head injuries, death struggle back to the apartment after the incident caused a lot of concern and indignation in the beauty of Chinese students and students, domestic media. Source: Reference News Network to enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: