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The Bundesliga: Leipzig home court held a draw analysis just about the same – Sohu Bundesliga SMG analysis: RB Leipzig vs Augsburg game time: 2016. 10.01 Saturday 02:30 asian handicap: 0.90 RB Leipzig -0.75 Augsburg 0.95 index: 1.65 3.68 4.30 European Prospective events: Saturday morning, sixth in the Bundesliga round first staged a focus events in Leipzig in recent years, RB performance by leaps and bounds, the club was founded in 2009, due to the club in support of the consortium, the team finished 7 years or amazing trip 5 level promotion, currently in the Bundesliga 5 games unbeaten, previously in the home court and defeated rivals Dortmund, visible the upstart " " absolute strength can not be underestimated, this must be a drum for air combat home court Augsburg new season against opponents; " Since the start, has made only 2 wins 1 flat 2 negative record, but Augsburg is a good road team, nearly 10 games scored 17 goals to lose 7 balls, and play well, and there is little big score lost experience, the trip to Augsburg is expected to retreat. Analysis of the ball for position: the disc is RB Leipzig made 0.75 chupan, Leipzig home court performance is very stable, nearly 11 home court only 1 Games held in Augsburg, but also at the players, led to the current aocai upper and lower water level in water range, visible on the plate body to win a lack of faith, and Ou Zhizhu wins mostly in 1.70 the home team, winning is low, this battle valued Augsburg away to undefeated. SMG football recommended: 1 asian handicap recommended: Augsburg (+0.75)

德甲分析:半斤八两 莱比锡主场捧平局-搜狐  德甲竞彩分析: RB莱比锡 vs 奥格斯堡   比赛时间:2016. 10.01 星期六 02:30   亚洲盘口:0.90 RB莱比锡 -0.75 奥格斯堡 0.95   欧洲指数:1.65 3.68 4.30   赛事前瞻:   周六凌晨德甲第6轮率先上演一场焦点赛事,RB莱比锡近年成绩突飞猛进,俱乐部成立于2009年,由于俱乐部近年得到财团的大力支持,球队完成了7年升5级的惊人升班之旅,目前在德甲5战未尝一败,此前在主场更击败了劲旅多特蒙德,可见这支"暴发户"实力绝对不容小觑,此番主场作战必定一鼓作气打击对手;奥格斯堡新赛季战绩起伏不定,开赛至今只取得了2胜1平2负的战绩,幸好奥格斯堡是一支擅长客战的球队,近10个客场打入17球失7球,攻守发挥出色,而且很少有大比分输球的经历,本次作客奥格斯堡有望全身而退。   球智库盘口分析:   亚盘为RB莱比锡做出让0.75初盘,莱比锡主场表现十分稳定,近11个主场只负1场,鉴于奥格斯堡也是客战好手,导致现时澳彩上下盘水位都在中水区间,可见机构对上盘取胜信心不足,而且欧指主胜大部分都在1.70以上,主队赢面较低,本战看好奥格斯堡客场力保不败。   竞彩足球推荐:1   亚洲盘口推荐:奥格斯堡(+0.75)相关的主题文章: