And the lead together, in the dance – unbridled automobile Sohu Yunnan

And the lead together, in the dance – unbridled automobile Sohu Yunnan Yunnan, a place where a riot of colours makes a man, a cherished place, but all have no opportunity to see, until this time received the FAW – Volkswagen Wei brought from Dali to Lijiang drive invitation, have a chance to close contact with them. Farewell to the haze and cold wind in Beijing, all the way south, tossing the whole day, can not tell the tired and irritable. But just off the plane, was here to melt the gentle green mountains and rivers. Dali looked at the blue sky, white clouds, mountains, like a natural picture, people instantly pleased. This style in line with the FAW – Volkswagen brand new blue collar "heart journey of life" theme. The collar is Volkswagen’s first A-class crossover wagon, its English name is C TREK, "C" or "Cross" English acronym, meaning "crossing, crossing, cross", "TREK" in English which means "hiking, long-distance travel, together is cross-border travel. It has a wild SUV, the car’s comfort, the car’s large space, it is difficult to determine the coordinates of its products, because it is with all categories before the models are completely different. Such a car out of the ordinary, in this * * * * such a beautiful place, certainly will have wonderful story, give birth to a beautiful feeling. Time: November 2nd Venue: Dali see Wei collar is in the morning 2, I do not know why the first time, initial Wei collar, have a feeling of deja vu, perhaps in the reinforced concrete cage dwelling too long because of the collar to me more like a friend. Simple body, clever lines, so I can not help but close. Gently stroked, gazed at. Panoramic sunroof, double "U" type LED daytime running lights, three hollow "armor" matte chrome grille, blue collar to give a special "man" feeling. Before the bar of large area surrounded by black shield and silver skirt decorated in the rain more temperament". As we drove from Dali to Lijiang, we had to take all our luggage on the same day. At first, the blue collar in the end enough space also doubts, but it opened the trunk, the feeling is two bicycles and hidden but beautiful spot, a variety of snacks, backpack, handbag…… Blue collar can easily "tonalide". According to the staff, the 589L has a large space, and the rear seats can be folded flat, the trunk space can switch between 589-1507L volume. Such spatial performance, I think it is necessary to give it a point of praise. Place a good luggage, gently open the door, Wei collar is not the general taste of the new car compartment, but it is through Clean Air PM2.5 dust filter device after the faint fragrance. In the car, the first thing is the blue collar MIB 6.5 inch large screen, this is a very useful equipment. From the interior point of view, Wei collar gave me the greatest feeling is simple and comfortable, the new MBQ multi-function steering wheel, the integration of multi-function buttons, leather double color seat, from point to line to the surface looks so!相关的主题文章: