At least 55 years of age, Singapore permanent residents will have to renew their identity cards next

At the age of 55 Singapore permanent resident identity card shall be updated next year – Beijing Chinese overseas network on 15 November, according to Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" reported that in January 1st next year, all Singapore citizens and permanent residents once at the age of 55, you must update the ID card second. In addition, in conjunction with the newly passed national registration (Amendment) act, the authorities will collect their iris (IRIS) images as a new biometric feature when applicants receive a new identity card. The immigration and Checkpoints Authority (14) statement issued yesterday announced the news that the people in the renewal of identity cards, to provide photos and update personal data. The bureau pointed out that with the age of the holder of the ID card, their appearance will change, which may result in the difficulty of identifying the work, especially for the elderly. The recent update of the identity card or over 55 years of age is not affected by the new regulations affect. The Immigration Department said that those who have been 55 years old before the age of 10 years, that is, between the ages of 45 to the age of the replacement of the ID card, no need to replace the 55. People over the age of 55 also do not need to update the ID card. However, if they are interested in renewing their identity cards, they may request from 2018. Details will be announced next year. Living abroad to return the new year to update the people only at the age of 15 at the age of 30 after the registration ID card renewal. After the entry into force of the new regulations, citizens and permanent residents in the distance before they reach the age of 55 a month received notice of the authorities, they must be within a year, that is before the age of 56 years old ID card renewal. Traveling overseas to be returned within one year after the completion of the update. The new regulations are mandatory, did not update the ID card, will violate the national registration act. Deputy director of immigration bureau pointed out that the citizen service center assistant director Xu Huizhen in an interview, update the ID card to let the holder’s identity more recognizable, also reduce the holder handle affairs in other institutions inconvenience". In addition, not timely updates the ID card information may form security concerns. These risks include, if the holder lost identity cards, others may abuse legal documents and the holder’s identity theft. Xu Huizhen said: "these examples may include the use of (the legitimate holder) identity to conduct financial transactions, or the purchase of goods and services." Why choose the immigration cut-off point at the age of 55 as the two update ID reply to media inquiries, 55 years old in 30 years old about "(first update ID) and Singapore the average life expectancy of 82 years of intermediate point". According to Singapore’s National Bureau of statistics, the average life expectancy in Singapore over the past 10 years has increased slightly, remained at around the age of 80. ID card renewal fee of 10 yuan to update the identity card can be submitted by the immigration website form, you can also choose to go to the immigration hall self-service station complete formalities. Unable to update the ID card, can fill out the immigration notice attached with the application form, then mail it to the immigration office. General to re submit the ID card costs 60 yuan. However, the cost of updating the identity of the citizens of Singapore after the allowance of 10 yuan, permanent residents相关的主题文章: