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Reference-and-Education Book clubs were made because of people who love books. One can be.e a book lover for a lot of different reason. If you are a book lover, you probably have a favorite author as well and you know where to get their latest bestsellers. You may even think you can go around the world and have no trouble finding a good read. If you want to maximize your hobby, you may want to join a book club and link with your fellow book lovers. This is what book clubs are for. Reading has a lot of benefits, no doubt about that. Reading makes peoples imagination sharp. It serves as food for the brain. But this does not apply to all books. With the rise of book clubs, people have begun to realize all the more pleasures and advantages one gets from reading. Whether you’re young and adventurous, middle-aged and wisdom-seeking or a senior enjoying twilight with your favorite romance novels, book clubs can make your reading life fuller. These clubs will offer your favorite books at more affordable prices and allow you to get in touch with other book lovers with whom lasting friendships may be possible. But that doesn’t mean all such groups are innocent. There are a few book clubs that disguise themselves as a book club but they have hidden intentions and motives. Clubs that have the main purpose of developing their members are essentially good but those clubs that have bad motive can be one of the most traumatic experiences of a member. You have the right to be suspicious if a club makes offers that may seem outrageous especially if you have a previous book club experience. Clubs that makes the decision on what books to deliver to your door is a clear example of clubs to avoid. This is obviously not a group you want to link up with. This is because book clubs are supposed to be a freeway for knowledge and different ideas and no club should have the right to impose ridiculous stipulations about your preferences. Another example of clubs that you should steer clear from are those that offer great introductory prices only to surprise you with unreasonable and bizarre offers afterwards. Some book clubs claim to offer you exclusive books which, in one way or another, will turn out to be of poor quality. The great things that .e in from being a member of a book club cant be ignored. But not everyone in this industry has stayed true to what they ought to stand for supposedly as promoters of the love of books. It is a sad fact but many administrators of book clubs see at as plainly a money making endeavor. Hence, no matter how pure your intentions are in finding a book club, it is important to consider the reality that not all book clubs have integrity and it is your job to find the ones that do. There are still book clubs that have maintained their integrity and have stayed true to its purpose and beliefs. These are the Mystery Guild, Literary Guild and Doubleday Book Club. And those who are genuinely in love with books will always know better than joining clubs that do not adhere to the same standards that these three clubs uphold. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: