Bad weather for several days, and more need to gracefully add calories – Sohu eat and drink (video) mmhouse

Bad weather for several days, even more elegant to add calories – Sohu eat and drink you eat pizza? Of course, eat ah! Did you eat a full metre of pizza? This… I’ve never seen this long! Come on, let’s go and try it today! So we come with an interesting restaurant in the East, the baking and Italian dishes together. It is said that the decoration is very stylish, open kitchen also gives diners a unique experience. When the star is a unique European soft package & Italian kiln authentic roast pizza, as well as various Italian dishes, chef’s salad, yogurt, brunch (brunch). The kiln baked pizza – – yogurt – – quinoa Vegetable Salad the most peculiar is that here we see it — a special rice pizza! Look at the pictures! Whether from the appearance or content, this one meter long let chowhound surprise pizza. Pick up the three flavors at random, and make up the big size pizza. Pull a few buddy, take a few photos of Mimi, in the circle of friends Lara hatred, together gobble down. However, speaking of pizza, in fact, divided into Italian and American two, but their taste is not the same as Italian pizza in the market is relatively rare, eat thin and not greasy, is baked with a special stove. It is said that the stove is specially designed, baked pizza when the temperature up to 400 degrees. Baking technology is also a tradition of Italy, Naples traditional roast. In Italy, there is even a saying, "it’s not a pizza baked by fire."". This pizza not only test the master technology, has very high requirements on the bottom, bread, sauce and cheese materials. In order to make authentic dough, you must use a high gluten flour, low speed mixing by hand or machine. Only making bread is pure handmade, not with a rolling pin or machine, and the thickness is not more than 3 mm. Authentic Italy pizza ingredients are generally not more than 3, such as the representative of Margaret, only the tomato sauce, cheese and basil buffalo. These three ingredients are red, green, white, a symbol of the Italy flag of the three colors. Tuscany Kitchen Baking two or three things – Name: Tuscany Bakery Kitchen address: Zheng Dong New District of Zhengzhou city Denis five world a layer of consumption: 60 yuan per capita – director | Li – | fashioned the camel camera Xiangxiang delicacy original, reproduced please contact the authorized "background recommended" the people’s livelihood Tesco natural Fig snack pack, stamp you can buy the above – Nanyang Fangcheng stone flour, the stamp can buy more popular delicacy – 1 a bowl of soup is a unique name, see one eye behind the stomach warm 2 time-honored people miss, is still about 3 barbecue mutton string exquisite taste of beer? It is better to fall point moisture body 4 Bubu have to queue up to eat the characteristics is not only Clay oven rolls, big 5 looks unusual rinse tripe, it’s said that the secret is all in a casserole, one meter long pizza is really rare, chowhound are to the point of a praise!相关的主题文章: