Bao Baoxue was on the spot to swim Changhong chemical fibre swimwear allergy (video)-crycry

Bao Baoxue was on the spot to swim Changhong chemical fibre swimsuit allergen Title: baby red spot is allergic to Xiaoxiang Morning News to Changsha swimsuit swimming let three year old Gigi, Gigi mother specially inspected several baby swimming club. But a few days ago it was after swimming there rose red plaques, and the formation of irregular small lumps, the anxious mother don’t know is "Kiki, a swimming pool, or a pediatric emergency." The doctor says this is allergic urticaria. After communication with parents, Second People’s Hospital of Hunan province pediatrician Zhao Xin, Kiki allergy site is the main trunk and bottom parts, and exposed the arms, feet and other parts of the body without allergic symptoms, should be the children of chemical fiber material and swimwear allergy, cleaning and disinfection does not eliminate the hidden danger of allergy. In the open to Kiki drug allergy and relieving itching symptoms after second days on allergic symptoms Kiki’s complete remission. Dr. Zhao Xin reminded that if a child’s skin erythema, papules, wheal or redness phenomenon, should immediately take their children to see a doctor or pediatric department of dermatology. Allergen detection should be done when necessary to find out the cause of allergy. If allergic dermatitis, first out of allergens, and then give treatment and guide the defense measures. (Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Zhang Shubo correspondent Xie Qian) video recommendation: swimming allergies admission, consumers questioned the water quality problems

宝宝学游泳长红斑 原是对化纤材质的泳装过敏原标题:宝宝长红斑原是泳装过敏 潇湘晨报长沙讯 为了让三岁的琪琪游泳,琪琪妈妈特意考察了几家婴儿游泳会所。但几天前琪琪游完泳后浑身出现玫瑰红色斑块,且形成不规则小疙瘩,这下可急坏了琪琪妈妈,“不知道是游泳池水有问题,还是得了小儿急诊。” 医生表示,这是过敏所致荨麻疹。经过与家长沟通,湖南省第二人民医院儿科医生赵辛发现,琪琪过敏部位主要是躯干及屁股部位,而暴露在外的手臂、脚部及身体其他部位无过敏症状,应是孩子对化纤材质的泳装过敏,而清洗和消毒并不能消除过敏隐患。在给琪琪开了抗过敏和缓解瘙痒症状的药物后,第二天琪琪的过敏症状就完全缓解了。 赵辛医生提醒,如果发现孩子的皮肤有红斑、丘疹、风团或红肿等现象,都要立即带孩子到皮肤科或者儿科看医生。必要时做过敏原检测,以查清过敏原因。如果是过敏性皮炎,首先是脱离过敏原,再给予治疗并指导防御措施。(潇湘晨报 记者 张树波 通讯员 谢茜)视频推荐: 游泳过敏入院 消费者质疑水质有问题相关的主题文章: