Baodi police night rescue suicidal man produce world weary thoughts due to household chores-pr011.msi

Baodi police late rescue men commit suicide because of household chores to produce world weary thoughts night of the people gradually fell asleep the moment, but the autumn night, lights flashing, the duty guard police patrol is still on the road. They not only have to inventory check on suspicious vehicles and personnel travel at night, but also to people in need to help. The day before, successfully rescued a suicidal man Baodi Public Security Bureau police on patrol in the process. October 29th 23 am, Beijing, Tianjin city police station on duty director Fan Guohui led the police, Wang Dianwu, and auxiliary police officers in the area of the implementation of the night patrol mission in the area of. Close to the jurisdiction of the emerald palace, the police found a parking lot idle long on a white car. With a strong sensitivity of the occupation, the police patrol arrived at the front. Suspicious vehicles stalled parking, no movement. Car on the glass with a dark film, simply can not see the car. After the windshield with bags, car mats cover. Police opened the bag and found after the windshield has been broken, a strong pungent smell of gas through the broken glass blowing, can vaguely see a middle-aged man lying motionless in the driver’s seat has a small mouth, vomit, copilot behind a new gas tank. The man is likely to be committing suicide, the police see this crisis, quickly reported the situation to the Bureau command room, and arrange for the drive to the Zhou Liang hospital doctor on duty to the scene. Soon, the doctor has rushed to the hospital and police criminal investigation. After observation, middle-aged man in the car has a slight activity, vital signs remain. Scene police to beat the window, the door of the way to call, and to help open the door. The police quickly helped to the empty place, take off the multifunctional police padded to the man on the cover. Zhou Liang hospital, the doctor pulled out of the mouth of the man to pull out of the mouth, take measures to carry out emergency treatment on the spot. The man finally regained some sanity, immediately wail. 10 minutes later, the ambulance arrived on the scene, the police and doctors together with the middle-aged man on the ambulance, rushed to the hospital for further treatment of 120. At present, suicidal man has been out of danger. It is understood that the middle-aged man Department of Baodi District, produce world weary thoughts because of household chores, but the police patrol found in time, otherwise it will lead to tragedy.相关的主题文章: