Beijing, China – VIDEO – film Mekong action Chongqing roadshow Lin Chaoxian, Zhang Hanyu, fire full

Beijing – VIDEO – film "the Mekong River action" Lin Chaoxian Zhang Hanyu Eddie Peng Chongqing roadshow firepower [comment] in September 27th, the film "the Mekong River action" directed by Lin Chaoxian and starring Zhang Hanyu, Eddie Peng appeared in Chongqing, publicity campaign for the film. It is understood that the film based on real cases. In October 5, 2011, 13 Chinese sailors were killed in the Mekong river. After the incident, in the Mekong River Basin enforcement security cooperation mechanism in the old Burma and China has actively advocated the establishment of the framework, after ten months of hard work, finally successfully captured the main suspect waxy kang. In reality, the complicated and complicated process of investigating the case provides abundant material for the creation of the film. Director Lin Chaoxian said that the play has blasting, chasing cars, gunfight and other action elements, shooting very difficult. It is understood that this film is Lin Chaoxian and Eddie Peng following the "guild wars" and "broken wind" after the third degree of cooperation. The same period [] (directed by Lin Chaoxian) I have to pay for him to film is everyone can see in the movies, before "hassle" with "broken wind", in fact that Eddie Peng is the kind of strong, is I think in this tough guy. [interpretation] in the shooting process, the two starring countless times to break through the self, personally staged a difficult adventure. Eddie Peng said that he played a unique role in the shape of the film, very Southeast Asian style. The same period [] (actor Eddie Peng) this time to play this role, never like this, let me feel quite a breakthrough, and then learn some new words, and then there is the face of the many makeup techniques in this role, so I feel very fond of this role. [interpretation] idol drama debut Eddie Peng also admitted that his future may not be considered a youth film. The same period [] (actor Eddie Peng) when the debut is the age of college students, the campus can play piece more, it is very normal, now I go back to play campus, I feel a little thought, I would also like vomiting, afraid of the audience will spit, so I think I will go to meet, what role, what the director is looking for my play, I will do it well, don’t go to the future unpredictable things. Reporter Zhang Ying reported Chongqing green buckwheat相关的主题文章: