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UnCategorized Oral thrush is a form of yeast infection. The infection thrives in the warm climate of the mouth, which is a prime area that stays moist. Though oral thrush is usually a mouth infection found in babies and the elderly, it can be corrected with the proper medication and diet control. Diet has much to do with aiding bodily functions, including the immune system and keeping yeast growth under control. Besides diet, the other factors that can influence yeast overgrowth include: dental plates, pregnancy, antibiotics, contraceptive pills, chemotherapy, endocrine conditions, iron deficiency, and an underlying skin disease. Skin swabs and scrapings can help diagnose oral thrush. It invades the tissues, causing a white filmy substance that coats the tongue or the roof of the mouth, the throat or inside the lips. It can sometimes be a yellow coating, but white is more .mon. Cravings for sugar, alcohol, or bread can be connected to yeast. Although babies won’t be able to verbally state cravings, there are other indications of an oral yeast infection. Digestion problems and fatigue are two of the symptoms, but these can be obvious symptoms of many other illnesses as well. A rash might ac.pany the yeast infection. There could be red, peeling patches on the palate or tongue, extra discolored tissue, and red cracks at the corners of the mouth. Babies are made especially un.fortable because of the burning sensations in the mouth. Both babies and the elderly can be at the disadvantage of being unable to express and pinpoint their dis.fort. Thrush causes dis.fort with babies while nursing. The yeast can be transferred to the baby at birth from a vaginal overgrowth, an infection under the mother’s breast, on the nursed nipples, or inside the breast. A pet or another family member can pass on a yeast infection as well, though there is more chance of contracting it from the mother. Mother and baby may need to be treated for the yeast infection at the same time. If one is treated and the other is not, there is a higher chance of the yeast infection being passed on again and again, as though on a yo-yo cycle from one to the other. The more a person has a yeast infection, the harder it could be.e for it to be treated with each occurring instance. Babies may lose interest in their food if they are un.fortable from the thrush. It inhibits ease of swallowing. They may cry more and have sleep disruptions as a result of hunger from not being able to eat properly or because of the general unease the infection causes. If left untreated, the baby could incur other problems because of their unhappy and unhealthy state. If you notice a milky white surface of the baby’s tongue or other area in the mouth that will not wipe off with a moist cloth, have the baby checked for a possible yeast infection as soon as possible. A healthy baby is a happier baby; and a happy baby means a happier mom. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: