Sichuan started 345 major industrial projects, with a total investment of 155 billion 700 million yu 山东万杰医学院学费

Sichuan began to focus on 345 major industrial projects with a total investment of 155 billion 700 million yuan in Sichuan began to focus on 345 major industrial projects with a total investment of 155 billion 700 million yuan from Sichuan news Sichuan news network Chengdu on September 22nd news (reporter Zhong Jianhong photo coverage) the morning of September 22nd, the government of Sichuan Province in Jintang County of Chengdu City, held a major industrial projects focus on Ji Wenhua started with the Czech new energy automobile manufacturing base project ceremony. The opening ceremony was set up in Chengdu County of Jintang, and set up a branch in 14 cities (prefectures) of Luzhou, Deyang and Mianyang. Liu Jie, vice governor of the provincial government, attended the ceremony at the main venue and announced that the 345 projects, such as Wenhua and new energy vehicle manufacturing base project, started to concentrate. The ceremony was presided over by Chen Xinyou, director of the provincial economic and information committee. The ceremony, Chengdu City, Luzhou City, Deyang City, Mianyang City, the relevant leaders in the main hall introduces major industrial projects focus on the situation of the city, said in the provincial government under the strong leadership, the province’s major industrial projects focus on the opportunity, seize the opportunity to further strengthen the service work, and cohesion, and good investment promotion and major projects. Shanghai Mandarin with the Czech company president Lei Yucheng introduced new energy automobile manufacturing base project, said the scientific organizations to promote the implementation of the project, the project to speed up construction, and strive to put into operation as soon as possible. It is reported that the 345 major industrial projects, a total investment of 155 billion 700 million yuan, 2016 (quarter) plans to invest 20 billion 200 million yuan, involving electronic information, major equipment, automobile manufacturing and other industries. Part of the new construction projects investment, advanced technology, a total investment of 1 billion yuan in the project amounted to 18, has a strong demonstration and leading role, for the province’s industrial steady growth, adjusting structure, promoting to provide strong support to increase stamina, transformation. In the main hall to start Mandarin with the Czech new energy automobile manufacturing base project, a total investment of 3 billion yuan, after the vehicle will be an annual production capacity of 100 thousand units, can be driven by the province’s new energy automotive battery, motor, electric control and related project core components of cluster development. The wine project engineering technology Co. Ltd Luzhou branch Luzhou Lao Jiao field (a), a total investment of 3 billion 600 million yuan, will be built with an annual output of 35 thousand tons of high-quality base wine, wine storage capacity of 150 thousand tons of modern industrial base. The venue of Deyang Luojiang Tongfang 3C Industrial Park — production and scientific research supporting area project, technical support team including more than 8 academicians enjoy allowance of the State Council professors and more than 9 from Tsinghua University, Beihang University and Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, the sensor output after the completion of the bridge meet the national total monitoring 60%. The Mianyang branch of Longhua photoelectric film new material industrial park project, a total investment of 600 million yuan, mainly the production of Polaroid, D-BEF brightness enhancement film optical structure film series of products, is expected after the completion of the production capacity of 35 thousand tons, the output value of 1 billion 500 million yuan, sales income of 1 billion 500 million yuan. This year, the province conscientiously implement the provincial Ten Session of the seven, the eight plenary session of the spirit and the provincial government "project year" deployment, highlighting the steady growth, adjusting structure, promoting transformation, increase theory

四川集中开工345个重大产业项目 总投资1557亿元   四川集中开工345个重大产业项目 总投资1557亿元   来源:四川新闻网   四川新闻网成都9月22日讯(记者 仲健鸿 摄影报道)9月22日上午,四川省政府在成都市金堂县隆重举行重大产业项目集中开工暨文华同捷新能源汽车整车制造基地项目开工仪式。开工仪式在成都市金堂县设主会场,在泸州、德阳、绵阳等14个市(州)设分会场。省政府副省长刘捷在主会场出席开工仪式并宣布文华同捷新能源汽车整车制造基地项目等345个项目集中开工。开工仪式由省经济和信息化委主任陈新有主持。   开工仪式上,成都市、泸州市、德阳市、绵阳市相关领导在主会场分别介绍本市重大产业项目集中开工情况,表示将在省委、省政府坚强领导下,以全省重大产业项目集中开工为契机,进一步抢抓机遇、聚力实干、强化服务,统筹做好投资促进和重大项目工作。上海文华同捷公司总裁雷雨成介绍了新能源汽车整车制造基地项目情况,表示将科学组织项目实施,全力推动项目加快建设,力争早日建成投产。   据悉,这次集中开工的345个重大产业项目,总投资1557亿元,2016年(四季度)计划投资202亿元,涉及电子信息、重大装备、汽车制造等行业。部分新开工的项目投资大、技术先进,总投资10亿元以上的项目达18个,具有很强的示范带动和支撑引领作用,将为全省工业稳增长、调结构、促转型、增后劲提供有力的支撑。在主会场开工的文华同捷新能源汽车整车制造基地项目,总投资30亿元,达产后将形成年产整车10万台生产能力,可带动我省新能源汽车电池、电机、电控核心部件和相关配套项目聚集发展。泸州分会场的泸州老窖股份公司酿酒工程技改项目(一期),总投资36亿元,建成后将形成年产优质基酒3.5万吨,储酒能力15万吨的现代化产业基地。德阳分会场的罗江同方3C产业园――生产科研配套区项目,技术支持团队包括8位以上享受国务院津贴的教授及9位以上来自清华、北航及北邮的院士,建成后的传感器产量最终满足全国桥梁监测总量的60%。绵阳分会场的龙华光电薄膜新材料产业园项目,总投资6亿元,主要生产偏光片、D-BEF增亮膜等光学结构薄膜 片材系列产品,建成后预计产能达3.5万吨,产值15亿元,销售收入15亿元。   今年以来,全省上下认真贯彻落实省委十届七次、八次全会精神和省委省政府“项目年”活动部署,突出稳增长、调结构、促转型、增后劲,全力抓投资、合力抓项目、奋力促发展,多措并举、统筹推动条件成熟的重大产业项目开工建设,掀起了一轮产业项目建设的新高潮。1-8月,各级各部门通过单独组织、联合组织等多种形式,组织集中开工仪式64场次,集中开工重大产业项目894个,带动全省新开工各类工业项目5558个,同比增长27.9%,累计完成工业投资5317亿元,增长10%,增速比全国高7.1个百分点,比去年同期高7.1个百分点,呈现好于预期、好于全国的良好态势,有力推动了全省工业投资突破性回升,为全面完成全年目标任务、支撑经济社会稳定发展奠定了坚实基础。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Millet 5 experience Black technology Seriously, you lose – Sohu Technology 黑暗之路四部曲

Millet 5 experience: Black technology? Seriously you lost – Sohu science and technology graphic Sohu Digital Su wild hold 19 months, millet 5 inches flagship phone finally by Xiaolong 820 birth, Lei Jun said at the press conference there are more than 10 black technology. Literally, these black technology were: Qualcomm Xiaolong 820, ceramic materials cover, full function NFC, fast charge 3, four axis stabilization, a key switch, more beautiful screen, improved body curve…… Well, actually, I don’t count it. Here’s what I want to tell you: 1. look at the appearance first. The first time to see the concept map, it is difficult to not let me think millet note and Samsung note 5, but I still think, these two products are better than millet 5 feel better, indeed, "light" is not true". And fortunately, I got a black band, so I didn’t feel like I had a Samsung Home key on iPhone 6’s chin. As for the improved fuselage curve, the handle has been improved, but I’m afraid I have to recommend more people to buy broken screen insurance. Of 2. Qualcomm snapdragon 820 platform includes QC3.0 (fast charge 3), X12 LTE wireless modem (maximum downlink 600Mbps), 802.11ac and ad standard, intelligent WIFI call, if millet like, also can be used for ultrasonic fingerprint identification, although this millet 5 less likely to use this technology. 3. display no longer look at parameters and suppliers. Millet 5 with a 5.15 inches 1080P resolution display, but not with suppliers Lei uncharacteristically name chengmenmian, but focuses on the color, contrast, saturation and brightness, I will not repeat those parameters, but I can tell you the screen color is very good, either the icons or pictures, are very the sharp, bright color. For the sensory part of the screen, I think the screen is completely comparable to the Samsung apple. 4. artificial ceramic materials cover only in the 4GB+128GB Version (price 2699 yuan) on, this means that if you buy 2299 yuan and 1999 yuan version of the "black technology" has nothing to do with you, the glass and mobile phone will not affect the overall aesthetic, but if you are interested in this material, I recommend you buy one plus X black, the cheaper. 5. full function NFC is a good evaluation function, but the machine is currently I only saw the Shenzhen public transportation card recharge, and for the legendary "millet Pay" specifically how to use, Lei or some vague, I asked the staff, the answer is to wait for a long time. 6. millet 5 used by SONY, 16 million pixel IMX298 photosensitive components, and HUAWEI Mate 8 the same. Four axis anti shake and better camera effect, I did not complete the test of the whole scene, but the night I was in the restaurant and night environment test, take pictures of my impression is solid, excellent imaging quality, shutter response is rapid, but also easy to appear.

小米5体验:黑科技?认真你就输了-搜狐科技      图文 搜狐数码 苏野   憋了19个月,小米的5英寸旗舰手机终于借着骁龙820出世,雷军在发布会上表示有十余项黑科技。      字面上,这些黑科技分别为:高通骁龙820,陶瓷材质后盖,全功能nfc,快充3.0,四轴防抖,一键换机,更靓的屏幕,改进的机身曲线……算了,其实我也数不全。   下面是我想告诉你的:   1.先说说外观。第一次看到概念图的时候很难不让我联想起小米note和三星note 5,不过我还是觉得,这两款产品都比小米5手感更棒,的确,“轻的有些不真实”。另外,幸亏我拿的是黑色款,这样就不会觉得像是在iPhone 6的下巴上刻一个三星的Home键。至于改进的机身曲线,手感有所提升,然而恐怕我得推荐更多人去买碎屏险。      2.高通骁龙820平台的子特性包含了QC3.0(快充3.0),X12 LTE无线调制解调器(最高下行600Mbps),802.11ac和ad标准,智能WIFI通话等,如果小米愿意,还可以用上超声波指纹识别,尽管小米5这次不太可能用这项技术。      3.显示屏不再看参数和供应商。小米5用了一块5.15英寸1080P分辨率显示屏,不过雷军一反常态的没有用供应商的名字来撑门面,而是着重介绍了色彩、对比度、饱和度和亮度,我不再重复那些参数,但我可以告诉你这块屏幕的色彩非常不错,无论是图标还是图片,都十分的清晰锐利,色彩鲜艳。对于屏幕这种感官说了算的部件,我认为这块屏完全可以媲美三星苹果。      4.人造陶瓷材质后盖只在4GB+128GB的版本(售价2699元)上有,这意味着如果你买2299元和1999元版本的,这项“黑科技”与你无关,玻璃并不会影响手机的整体美感,不过假如你对这种材质感兴趣,我推荐你买一加X黑色,那个更便宜。      5.全功能nfc是个好功能,然而评测机上目前我只看到了深圳公交卡的充值,并且对于传说中的“小米Pay”具体要怎么用,雷军还是有些语焉不详,我询问过工作人员,得到的答复是还要再等上一段时间。      6.小米5使用了由索尼提供,1600万像素的IMX298感光元件,与华为Mate 8相同。四轴防抖以及更棒的拍照效果,我没有完成完整场景的测试,不过当晚我在餐馆中以及夜景环境下测试,拍照给我的印象比较扎实,成像质量优秀,快门响应迅速,然而也容易出现放大后才发现画面其实抖动的情况,与我此前索尼Z5(用的是IMX300)上遇到的情况类似。(以下为样张)         7.最后说说一键换机。这原本是一个早就应该提供的功能,毕竟无论是三星、索尼、HTC还是联想,他们都推出了跨平台的资料迁移软件,有些甚至不是手机APP而是桌面端软件。而小米的一键换机主要针对小米用户的设备更新,如果你是其它品牌的用户,一键换机帮不了你,你还是得求助第三方的手机助手,或者茄子快传 快牙等APP。      写在最后:   我没有来得及测试充电时间和续航,不过拿到手机之后我充到50%的电量,使用了大约四个小时之后电量剩余25%左右,对于使用双卡双待的产品来说我觉得这个成绩尚可,另外在此期间没有不正常的发热,机身也不热。      小米5在工艺以及硬件有比较扎实的提升,另外拍照给了我留下了深刻的印象,不过19个月的等待依旧太过漫长。而且软件应用方面(比如支付相关的功能)预计会在产品上市之后的一段时间里慢慢完善,这一点上我觉得小米在软硬件的开发进度把握上或许可以做得更好。另外,小米5依旧守住了1999元的经典价位段,没有因为品牌走高而抛弃最初的起点,难能可贵。   另外,针对宣传的卖点,小米很聪明很会营销,不过认真你就输了。相关的主题文章: