China, Britain, France and the three parties signed the final agreement of nuclear power project in vidown

In France the three parties signed the final agreement of Hinkley point nuclear power project – Heilongjiang channel — original title: the three parties signed the final agreement of Hinkley point nuclear power project in September 29, the London newspaper (reporter Huang Peizhao) in the three party 29 days in London signed Hinckley angle C nuclear power project final investment agreement. This marks the "golden age" of Sino British Relations flagship project after experiencing twists and turns, and finally substantive start. Chinese Guangdong Nuclear Power Group (cnpec) and the French power group (Electric Group) signed the New England nuclear power projects package agreement signed Hinckley angle C nuclear power project revenue and government investment guarantee agreement with the British government, and complete the company’s equity delivery. This means that the C project has completed all the necessary approvals and business processes. Hinckley angle C project is located in the British county of Somerset, led by China Guangdong China joint and electric group joint construction, the European pressurized water reactor (EPR) technology. According to the agreement, the project design and field work will be started immediately, it is expected to start nuclear construction in the middle of 2019, and the first unit will be put into operation in 2025. It will provide reliable low carbon power to about 6 million users in the uk. (commissioning editor Li Zhongshuang and Ding Yang)

中英法三方签署欣克利角核电项目最终协议–黑龙江频道–人民网 原标题:中英法三方签署欣克利角核电项目最终协议   本报伦敦9月29日电 (记者黄培昭)中英法三方29日在伦敦签署欣克利角C核电项目最终投资协议。这标志着中英关系“黄金时代”的旗舰项目在经历波折后终于实质性启动。   中国广核集团(中广核)与法国电力集团(法电集团)当日正式签署英国新建核电项目一揽子合作协议,与英国政府同步签署欣克利角C核电项目收入及投资保障等政府性协议,并完成相关公司的股权交割。这意味着欣克利角C项目已经完成所有必需的审批和商务流程。   欣克利角C项目位于英国萨默特郡,由中广核牵头的中方联合体与法电集团共同投资建设,采用欧洲压水反应堆(EPR)技术。根据协议,项目的设计和现场工作将立即启动,预计于2019年年中开始核岛施工,2025年首台机组投运,将向英国约600万用户提供可靠的低碳电力。 (责编:李忠双、丁洋)相关的主题文章:

Overtraining and injury Expert the wrong only vulnerable

Overtraining and injury? Expert: method of error was vulnerable to overtraining and injury can not cause simply equal to Beijing on February 25th news many people will feel that excessive training intensity is caused by the reason of injury, but the latest research results of scientists suggests that we may have misunderstood the training. Many people have the tennis players tennis elbow, basketball players and volleyball players fingers easily injured, football players are a great risk of ankle…… Look again and again to repeat the same action can lead to injury. But scientists say the real cause of injury is not a large amount of exercise, but the wrong way of training. The Australian Institute of sport and University of Canberra joint survey, overtraining and injury and no direct link between what is right or not, the training mode is the key. Scientists tracked the Australian football team for two seasons, for the measurement of GPS players in the match and training in the course of running distance. They found that running far does not mean injury rates, in fact, those who run around 18.9 kilometers, 22 kilometers and looks could be injured. If a person training when it is urgent, want to eat into a fat, increased by 60% weeks of training, the injury risk will increase 3 times. For example, a person usually ran 50 kilometers a week, a week suddenly ran 75 kilometers, it is more like a gamble. Thus, the high intensity training itself is not wrong, those who are injured, because the training curriculum is not suitable for their own. Experts suggest that the weekly training increase of ordinary people should keep a bit smoother. If you just relieved from injury, it should reduce the amount of training, while reducing the intensity of training. A big step to enhance the training really fun, but if the injury is The loss outweighs the gain.. (Sina running winter)

过度训练≠伤病? 专家:方法错误才易受伤元凶 过度训练不能与伤病简单划等号   北京时间2月25日消息 很多人都会觉得,过大的训练强度是造成受伤的原因,但科学家的最新研究成果显示,我们可能误会了训练本身。   网球选手很多人都有网球肘,篮球选手和排球选手的手指容易受伤,足球选手的脚踝危险很大……看上去一遍又一遍重复着同样的动作容易导致受伤。但是科学家却说,真正造成伤病的不是大运动量,而是错误的训练方式。   澳大利亚体育学院和堪培拉大学联合调查结果显示,过度训练和受伤之间并没有什么直接联系,训练方式正确与否才是关键。科学家追踪了澳大利亚橄榄球队两个赛季,用GPS测量队员在比赛和培训课程中的跑步距离。他们发现,跑的远不代表受伤几率大,实际上,那些四周跑18.9公里的人,看上去比跑22公里的还有可能受伤。   如果一个人训练时候很急,希望一口吃成个胖子,周训练量增幅达到60%的话,受伤的风险就会提高3倍。比如一个人平时每周跑50公里,突然一周跑75公里,那么就更像一场赌博。由此可见,高强度训练本身没有错,那些受伤的人,都因为训练课程设置不适合自己。   专家建议,普通人的周训练量增幅保持的应该更平缓一些。如果你刚刚从伤病中缓解,那么应该降低训练量,同时减少训练强度。大跨步提升的训练确实很过瘾,但如果导致受伤,就是得不偿失。(新浪跑步 冬天)相关的主题文章: