Note early pregnancy can lead to miscarriage or teratogenic potential, too terrible – Sohu maternal

Note: early pregnancy can lead to miscarriage or teratogenic potential, too terrible – Sohu mother and daughter in this paper original welcome to share personal forwarding, media reprint please contact the author! The doctor about dove, pregnant with the rapid development of society, now we can facilitate our side many living things, such as electrical appliances. Today we will talk about electrical appliances, electrical appliances is convenient for our lives, but the electrical appliances to bring us the electromagnetic wave, you know? Especially pregnant mothers, if long-term by microwave high strength, may cause miscarriage, stillbirth, fetal baby teratogenic and other serious consequences. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to those hidden dangers lurking around us. Electrostatic dust, radiation, early pregnancy abortion, the use of electric blankets is the result of one of the most important reasons for teratogenic. In addition, watching TV too long there will be harm to the pregnant baby and pregnant mother, in the process of TV work for a long time, continuous flow electronic bombardment on the screen, X ray screen surface will produce static charge and a certain amount of harmful to human body, these static, X ray is harmful to the pregnant mother and pregnant baby. Recommended that pregnant mom try not to use electric blanket, TV time should not be too long. Microwave oven, mobile phone microwave radiation is very strong, stronger than most of our household electrical appliances, the radiation intensity is several times the ordinary furniture. The microwave high strength caused by pregnancy baby abortion, malformation, stillbirth and other serious situation. We use the most common mobile phone as a communication tool, and its function is far more than communication so simple, playing games, watching TV, browsing the web, watching the news, etc.. All the people in this era of mobile phone, you do not look at the letter and several people without a mobile phone, there are a few people on the mobile phone without button, WeChat, micro-blog and other mobile phone software, although enrich our lives, but also brings negative influence. Mobile phone radiation will cause headache, dizziness, insomnia and hair loss and other symptoms. When the phone is in standby radiation is small, the phone has been allocated but the other has not received the largest radiation. Recommended that pregnant mom try to play less mobile phone, if there is something you want to call, when the mobile phone is not connected to stay too close, you can first open hands-free, when the other answer, again a little bit closer. For TV, computer and other electrical appliances need frequent cleaning, because they are easy to absorb dust, if not clean, the electromagnetic wave will be hidden in the dust, with dust in the indoor air filled, if pregnant mammy inhaled, but also on the pregnant mother’s health is extremely unfavorable. The original article, without authorization, shall not be reproduced dove doctor, your family doctor, more parental health knowledge, please pay attention to micro signal: [air863], @ dove micro-blog: Doctor of child health problem questions questions, communication, sharing, exchange "相关的主题文章:

Real estate finance challenges the rise of traditional real estate loan housing prices to reduce dep-mmhouse

The rise of real estate finance challenges the traditional housing prices on the real estate lending banks reduce dependence on real estate financial rise to challenge the traditional real estate lending Yi Yanjun "two outstanding characteristics of the current real estate market in China is serious and sustained high levels of differentiation of city land market, housing prices and the late differentiation plus drama, industry mergers and acquisitions and will become the new focus of the integration era is approaching." Recently, Ping An Bank, director of investment banking and real estate finance division president Liu Mintang said. As with the real estate industry close partners, major financial institutions are actively using their own advantages, innovative services in the real estate industry and financial means, and attempt to share in the current hot real estate market in a cup of soup. Among them, the banking sector is particularly concerned about the layout of the real estate finance. Prosperity in recent years, the prosperity of the real estate industry for all to see. Reporters access to the National Bureau of statistics data found that the amount of investment in real estate development completed in 1999 from the rapid expansion of 401 billion yuan in 2015 to $9 trillion and 590 billion in, an increase of 23.9 times. This year, the pace of integration of industry mergers and acquisitions in the apparent speed. The central enterprises, March, announced the acquisition of real estate residential property portfolio owned by CITIC CITIC Real Estate and CITIC Pacific; at the beginning of July, Poly Real Estate announced that the reorganization plan integration scheme and CATIC real estate. Private enterprises, May, SUNAC Chinese and lemon international joint announcement that the financial record of all China equity to 4 billion 390 million yuan acquisition of the 7 item company is located in Hebei Yanjiao, Raymond international Shanghai and other places; at the end of July, Evergrande completed the acquisition of the listed company. The offer, will become the controlling shareholder. CRIC Research Center Yang Kewei to "Chinese business daily" reporters, the prominent characteristics of the real estate market and the future trend is the city’s prospects, development speed, market scale have entered the stage of differentiation. "From the enterprise, the rise of concentration and the reduction of corporate profits, is one of the more prominent features. From this perspective, the next, mergers and acquisitions of real estate enterprises will become a trend." Under this background, various financial institutions have also accelerated the real estate financial layout, financing tools gradually increased, such as the RMB real estate funds, real estate information management plan, Real Estate Company debt for the real estate development enterprises financial instruments are basically complete. Real estate industry, told reporters that the industry is the trend of mergers and acquisitions, and now many real estate companies have reduced dependence on the bank. "In the next period of time, the economic environment is not good, the real estate industry thriving situation, the financing channels should be said more than before, and at a lower cost. For small developers, or to rely on, rely on bank. However, the sales are very good, private funded enterprises, more channels are used to reveal all the details of the bank." Liu Mintang pointed out that the real estate industry integration is full of variables, but also breeds great opportunities, good housing prices may be strong, through strategic adjustment, resource acquisition, merger integration capability and reengineering, the completion of the new beyond. The theory of real estate market相关的主题文章: