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Central bank: 2015 RMB real effective exchange rate appreciation of 3.93% the central bank announced the 2015 fourth quarter monetary policy implementation report, report, two-way floating RMB exchange rate flexibility is significantly enhanced, three RMB exchange rate index down two liters, 2015 RMB against a basket of currencies generally remained basically stable. Specifically as follows: the RMB depreciated slightly against the U.S. dollar, two-way floating characteristics are obvious, exchange rate elasticity significantly enhanced, the RMB maintained a basic stability of the basket of currencies, the RMB exchange rate expectations are generally stable. At the end of 2015, the CFETS RMB exchange rate index was 100.94, which was 0.94% higher than that at the end of 2014; the RMB exchange rate index referring to the BIS basket and the SDR basket was 101.71 and 98.84, respectively, which rose by 1.71% and depreciated by 1.16% compared with the end of 2014. The three RMB exchange rate index dropped by two liters, showing that the RMB remained stable for a basket of currencies in 2015. According to the calculation, the bank for International Settlements 2015 years, the nominal effective exchange rate of RMB appreciation of the real effective exchange rate appreciation of 3.66%, 3.93%; 2005 RMB exchange rate formation mechanism reform to 2015 years 12 months, appreciation of RMB nominal effective exchange rate 45.87%, the real effective exchange rate appreciation 56.15%. At the end of 2015, the central parity of RMB against the U.S. dollar was 6.4936 yuan, 3746 basis points lower than the end of 2014, and the depreciation rate was 5.77%. Since the reform of the RMB exchange rate regime in 2005, the RMB has appreciated by 27.46% over the US dollar at the end of 2015. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

央行:2015年人民币实际有效汇率升值3.93%   央行公布2015年第四季度货币政策执行报告,报告称,人民币汇率双向浮动弹性明显增强,三个人民币汇率指数一贬两升,显示2015年人民币对一篮子货币总体保持了基本稳定。   具体如下:   人民币对美元汇率小幅贬值,双向浮动特征明显,汇率弹性明显增强,人民币对一篮子货币保持了基本稳定,人民币汇率预期总体平稳。2015年末,CFETS人民币汇率指数为100.94,较2014年末升值0.94%;参考BIS货币篮子和SDR货币篮子的人民币汇率指数分别为101.71和98.84,分别较2014年末升值1.71%和贬值1.16%。三个人民币汇率指数一贬两升,显示2015年人民币对一篮子货币总体保持了基本稳定。   根据国际清算银行的计算,2015年,人民币名义有效汇率升值3.66%,实际有效汇率升值3.93%;2005年人民币汇率形成机制改革以来至2015年12月,人民币名义有效汇率升值45.87%,实际有效汇率升值56.15%。   2015年末,人民币对美元汇率中间价为6.4936元,比2014年末贬值3746个基点,贬值幅度为5.77%。2005年人民币汇率形成机制改革以来至2015年末,人民币对美元汇率累计升值27.46%。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: