China and South Korea on behalf of Hisense Samsung push surface TV grab opportunities – home

China and South Korea on behalf of Hisense Samsung Sarkozy push curved TV to snatch the initiative — home — on, jointly organized by the Chinese surface display and Samsung Electronic Chamber of Commerce "? – to create the perfect surface TV show cohesion forum", from industry experts, business elite gathered, focus on the future development trend of surface display technology, surface TV enterprises and all display manufacturers reach surface partners together to write about, the future development of the new pattern of surface display. In the global economic growth in the weak environment, product technology to become an iterative iteration of an important engine of growth in the consumer electronics market. It is reported that since 2014, Hisense, Samsung, Changhong, the Haier, Konka, LETV, TCL, micro whales, millet and other television companies and AOC, aucan display companies a total of more than and 20 brands to join the camp surface covering all the main products, size, type of as many as 155. Xinyikang statistics, Chinese market surface TV estimated 2016 sales will reach 2 million 300 thousand units in 2017 is expected to exceed 4 million units. Two boss appeal is not the same as the current color TV market, Samsung is the world’s first color TV sales, while Hisense is China’s first global third. The two jointly push surface TV, in the Chinese market has indeed played a positive role model. This is the strength of the industry leading enterprises! It is their positive promotion, so that other brands followed by the industry, and they will be forced upstream panel manufacturers and other manufacturers to allocate more resources to the surface. Samsung LCD department chief vice president Han Jiazhu said that the unique advantages of curved display has been recognized by the market, as a new product form, surface products rich in a certain degree of market selection, in the color TV market segments is a force to be reckoned with the surface to improve the technology level and the mainstream TV enterprises have the layout, the surface will become the new engine pulling the display market growth. In August 23rd, Samsung and Hisense and other 11 color TV companies formed a joint surface camp, by integrating the advantages of resources, and jointly promote the rapid spread of curved tv. These companies have expressed confidence in the face of the market prospects of the surface, they have expanded the surface TV product line, and will spare no effort to promote. Hu Jianyong, general manager of Hisense believes that the best combination of quality and surface, Hisense will focus on the development of the surface as a direction. Hisense TV ULED surface TV released in 2013, has achieved very good sales results, in addition to high-end products, this year, Hisense also actively expand the mass consumer oriented K5600 series surface tv. Future from 40 inches to 85 inches, assisted quantum technology, Hisense surface will cover the full size. According to the PRC market forecast (CMM), China surface TV estimated 2016 sales will reach 2 million 300 thousand units in 2017 is expected to exceed 4 million units, surface display sales in 2016 is expected to reach 2 million units in 2017 will exceed 5 million units. China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary General Lu Renbo believes that continued to force China escalating consumer demand, mainstream enterprises, and the golden nine silver ten pull and Olympic year etc.)相关的主题文章: