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China Merchants Securities: there is a strong pressure above the 3100 point Li Xiaojia: priority in November a Monday launch of Shenzhen and Hong Kong through [network] for Chinese securities in Shenzhen and Hong Kong through the day opening, HKEx chief executive Li Xiaojia said, considering the risk control management level, the exchange will give priority to the introduction of Shenzhen and Hong Kong through Monday "as for the details of which Monday," every Monday in November after may have." Li Xiaojia said. Shenzhen deputy general manager Wang Hong: "deep shares through stock trading board will retain the system, while the Shenzhen Hong Kong through including holidays and other transactions with the rhythm of Shanghai and Hong Kong through the same, but the next three exchanges will further negotiate transactions rhythm. Above 3100 points there is a strong pressure on Thursday to continue to adjust the market, the market is hot in the Ministry of finance to carry out the pilot to promote the promotion of PPP model to stimulate the water sector, environmental protection and other sectors. In addition, the concept of debt will continue to shine, Hyde shares, China, Fujian electric power and so on more than one concept stocks have been trading. Thursday’s adjustment is also in line with our previous judgment that the index will not rise overnight. From the past few days the situation, although the local plate rotation faster, but stocks became active, especially debt stocks showed a strong persistence, bring some money effect to the market. On the other hand, as of yesterday’s close, the offshore RMB exchange rate has exceeded 6.73, but the market for the RMB devaluation slightly slow, have been expected, the RMB exchange rate impact on the A stock market is not expected to be too much. From the macroeconomic fundamentals, China’s September trade data fell sharply, sluggish external demand, the global economic recovery still has a large uncertainty. Data is less than expected or will bring some disturbance to the market, the government should continue to vigorously promote the growth of investment in infrastructure. In the short term, the stock index gap has been more than half of the recovery, there is a strong pressure on the top 3100 points, while the pursuit of high and low capital in the field is not strong, unilateral rise is a small probability event. Therefore, we maintain the index or continue to maintain the upward trend in the assessment of the gap. But the follow-up can break through 3100 points and out of the independent market need to continue to observe the amount of the two cities.相关的主题文章: