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Chinese plantation preservation area of 1 billion 40 million acres — science and technology — Xinhua news agency in Hohhot on 27 August, (reporter Li Yunping, Halina) Zhang Jianlong, director of the State Forestry Administration held recently in the national afforestation site will accelerate that plantation preservation in China area has reached 1 billion 40 million mu, ranking first in the world. Zhang Jianlong, after 60 years of hard work, the forest area of our country by the new China at the beginning of the establishment of 1 billion 240 million acres now increased to 3 billion 120 million acres, the forest coverage rate increased from 8.6% to 21.66%, the forest accumulation of the last century in the middle of the 70s increase of 8 billion 656 million cubic meters to 15 billion 137 million cubic meters, the city built-up area green coverage rate increased from the last century in mid 80s 16.9% to 40.22%. Zhang Jianlong said that China’s afforestation has been the traditional planting, beautify the environment up to provide ecological new level products, maintain ecological security, promote green development, from the initial government, leading people to put labor to the government departments, launched the organization, social participation and change, green mountains and rivers become a common pursuit of the masses. In the future, China will focus on "Belt and Road Initiative, Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development, the Yangtze River Economic Belt Construction of three major national strategy, efforts to promote afforestation, construction of ecological barrier area, strong and excellent, and the cause of forestry. China’s afforestation work will follow the natural ecological laws, adhere to the closing hillsides to facilitate afforestation, afforestation and grass and shrub, workers, with net combination of both natural restoration and artificial restoration, scientific and efficient recovery of vegetation. (commissioning editor Wei Yan and Zhao Zhuqing)相关的主题文章: